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The Hunter

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The Hunter Empty The Hunter

Post by The Hunter on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:35 am

Naxilyran 'The Hunter'
The Hunter Z0hd
“Come and get it!”

Basic Info!

Full Name: Naxilyran (NAX-il-EYE-ran)
Aliases: The Hunter, Nax (childhood pet name), Ben (occasionally for old times sake)
Age: 303
Occupation: Hunter/Assassin
Current Residence: No fixed address
Species: Time Lord
Face Claim: Norman Reedus

Appearance: Although similar to his previous incarnation, The Hunter has a more rough and ready appearance, contrasting the boy next door look of his predecessor. Still sporting brown hair, but of a slightly lighter colour, he still likes to have a little stubble on his chin. Rather toned and muscular, he stands around 6' 1'' and continues to appear caucasian.

Usually seen wearing a vest top, combat pants and steel capped boots, he sometimes wears a leather jacket over the top. His new line of work has left several scars, although they really aren't that noticeable from a distance. He also occasionally wears and Eye Drive he acquired on his travels, very useful for keeping an eye out for Silents!

Personality: Still a friendly and overconfident rebel, the second incarnation of Naxilyran is far less idealistic than the first. Grounded and more serious, he is nonetheless charming and would like to think he has a way with the ladies (or gents, given he's not fussed). Still adventurous, past events have given him a personal vendetta against The Silence. He shows his foes no mercy, taking down all who in his eye would threaten those unable to defend themselves. He calls himself The Hunter as he has chosen to hunt The Silence and those he consider evil. He often sees things in black and white, bad or good, and it can be very difficult to change his mind.

Still good humoured, he can also be pretty laid back and enjoys a stiff drink from time to time. Not many see this side of him, as he usually only appears to wrong doers who are about to get the wrong end of his trusty cross bow (or whatever weapon deemed necessary).

History and Family

Parents: Terrin and Kazla
Siblings: None
Important Figures: The Doctor (nine onwards), The Silence
Home Town/Planet: Gallifrey
History: Formally going under the alias of Ben Cross, The Hunter is Naxilyran's second incarnation. Eventually getting his TARDIS working, he couldn't resist the urge to fly out and do a little exploring every now and again. This landed him in heaps of trouble, as well as being made aware of the fact that Gallifrey no longer existed. Although the news crippled him mentally, as well as causing him to resent The Doctor, he lived on and between adventures settled back into his life in London.

During one of these trips, he found himself attacked and held captive by The Silence. It would be some time before he was able to make his escape, but by then he had been severely weakened by his captivity and consequent torture as they tried to force him to reveal the location of The Doctor and other surviving Time Lords (although he was unable to tell them what he didn't know). Once he felt a sense of security that he hadn't felt in years, he regenerated in order to renew himself for a new purpose - to grow stronger in order to never allow himself into that position again and to take down The Silence and all who would oppose peace! He named himself The Hunter and although using questionable methods at times, he stayed true to his word and with a new purpose in life began to thrive once again.

Training himself in the use of many kinds of weapon and technology, his favourite his a crossbow he picked up on medieval Earth. Bumping into Torchwood on his travels, he occasionally hangs around Cardiff in order to give them a hand (or for them to help him). He also takes on assassination contracts from time to time, provided that they interest him and agree with his morals. Otherwise, it might end up being the client who gets it!

You, the player!

Nickname: Fayt
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: Ben cross
Source: Already here

Roleplay Sample: See posts by Ben Cross
The Hunter
The Hunter

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The Hunter Empty Re: The Hunter

Post by Siren on Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:06 pm

Oh :3 hello.
APPROVED! XD this is awesome.
Please go ahead and bring yourself to the who's who and face claim list Smile have fun!

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