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Hunting with The Hunter

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Hunting with The Hunter Empty Hunting with The Hunter

Post by The Hunter on Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:01 am

Hunting with The Hunter Fl2c

The second incarnation of Naxilyran, is just as adventurous and rebellious as the first, but he is about as far from the shy teenager image as one could get! Very sure of himself, perhaps even a little on the arrogant side, he doesn't hold quite the same ideals as his predecessor. He still harbours his wish to protect those in need, it's just that he will use any means neccessary to do so. He would kill hundreds of foes if it meant saving one innocent life, and he would do so without much regret. I say much regret, for deep inside is still the 'boy' known as Ben Cross who resurfaces from time to time. This means that he often reflects on his actions, but often seems to justify them as the righteous to some degree.

Behind the gung ho and the hard exterior is a rather laid back man who still enjoys tinkering with computers. Also more knowledgeable about the functions of the TARDIS, he enjoys traveling for the pure joy of it every now and again. Having a realistic nature, he often views his former selfs optimism as naivety. He knows he would have denied this at the time though!

Hunting with The Hunter Tumblr_myg1wsbQsy1rl3yf0o1_500
Cautious about who he trusts, The Hunter, as he now calls himself, remains friendly and even charming to those he meets. Finding kindred spirits in those who share his motives and ideals, he is nonetheless realistic but extremely loyal. If you make this list, then he'll likely have your back, no matter what! He has been known to feign such things to forward his own goals, so watch out.

Members of Torchwood, whom he assists from time to time (or do they help him?), have a very high possibility of becoming at the very least akin to colleagues. If your a member of The Silence, forget it.

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Hunting with The Hunter Tumblr_myg37ehfum1rl3yf0o1_500
Nowhere near as shy as his first self, The Hunter is flirtatious and quite charming to those he meets, whether they be male or female. It goes without saying that this is a step up from friendship, although again he has been known to feign certain feelings or turn on the charm to further his own ends. He hates the idea of using pr hurting people though, so he would only likely do this in extreme circumstances.

  • Lovers/Crushes go here

Hunting with The Hunter Tumblr_myg3esu07Y1rl3yf0o1_500
The Silence, whom captured and tortured him for 47 years are top of this list! He has made it his mission to bring them down, doing so at every possible opportunity. One could say it was a personal vendetta, but he claims to do it to prevent others suffering the same. If that's what he wants to keep telling himself...

He has also learned of the supposed destruction of Gallifrey, and of how The Doctor was responsible. He resents him highly for this, but he often wonders if he would have done the same if put in his shoes...

  • The Silence
  • The Doctor (9 onwards), to some degree. More resentment than actual hatred.

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