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Hanging Out Getting Chips // The Hatter, The Ninth Doctor

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Hanging Out Getting Chips // The Hatter, The Ninth Doctor

Post by Jack Harkness on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:00 pm

"So your buying right? I mean really I can afford it but you offered." Jack said as he started walking towards a place that sold Chips. He really needed to get things going with other people he really needed to get someone in his life again. He had loved Ianto and he was dead so he guessed that life would go on, because he had friends like Nine and Danny. He smirked to himself as he walked down the street towards the store with The Hatter and The Ninth Doctor.

With all that was going on he'd be calming down soon enough, just enjoying time with people made his life worth it. He hated the fact that so much death would follow him, he always had a sense of pain in his life. Though he guessed that came with the Double Edged sword that was his immortality, but he had a fair few friends who would live a very long time just like The Hatter who still had a full complement of Regenerations.
Jack Harkness

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Re: Hanging Out Getting Chips // The Hatter, The Ninth Doctor

Post by The Hatter on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:10 pm

The Hatter nodded, "Of course I can afford it. I'm the only one here who has an actual job you know... Except that's going to end soon" He said, ordering a large size of chips for each person. He paid the tab, then led the two to a secluded spot.

"So... Weeping Angels... Explain" He smirked, starting to munch his chips while waiting to hear what the angels were and why they were dangerous.

The Hatter

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Re: Hanging Out Getting Chips // The Hatter, The Ninth Doctor

Post by The Ninth Doctor on Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:37 pm

After he bought the chips Nine walked with them and smiled a bit it was odd to be walking with such a young Time Lord, Jack was also a time anomaly. Though to him it didn't matter a friend was a friend that was the end of the story where that was concerned. His mind kept racing around about how he needed to figure out why so many Time Lord's had survived it made him slightly weirded out by everything. "Yes well with a Sonic Screwdriver I can get money from any ATM." The Doctor told The Hatter with a smile on his face, he knew this wouldn't be easy to explain.

"Weeping Angels are a dangerous enemy that have plagued people for a very long time." The Doctor told The Hatter, "It's very hard to explain them but I'll do my best because they're a hard enemy. They usually kill you in the nicest possible way, they zap you into the past feeding off the potential life energy that you would have had if you had been allowed to live your life." He told him with a wry grin over to Jack. "Though if what Jack says is true they're acting off for them which makes them incredibly dangerous."

The Ninth Doctor

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Re: Hanging Out Getting Chips // The Hatter, The Ninth Doctor

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