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The Ninth Doctor

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The Ninth Doctor Empty The Ninth Doctor

Post by The Ninth Doctor on Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:16 am

The Ninth Doctor ChristopherEccleston050311

The Ninth Doctor Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500

Full Name: Unknown
Aliases: The Doctor
Age: 900
Occupation: Time Traveler
Species: Time Lord/Gallifreyan
Face Claim: Christopher Eccleston

The Ninth Doctor Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: The TARDIS
Personality: The Doctor is deeply affected even now by his actions during the Last Great Time War, he feels great sorrow. But he hides this behind a facade of manic energy and a sharp, offbeat wit even this still has moments of great weight. He feels great pain and agony over killing the Time Lords and the Daleks it has caused great emotional sorrow and anger. He tends to break down when faced with pain, suffering or death. He once got a chance to reverse pain and suffering and it caused him joy and relief that was very evident. This Doctor shows his emotions quite well on his face. He has a habit of noticing the flaws in humanity more easily than any previous incarnation did.

Where as previous incarnations were rarely heard uttering curse words this one uses them more freely. He is also by far more violent, physically going into fights and showing more violent actions towards others. This man will hold guns and take them away but he will not use them. He does care deeply about others but this is shown primarily towards Rose. He will do all in his power to protect Rose no matter what it took because he cares deeply for her.

He has a fondness for the word fantastic and says this a fair bit, there is clear emphasis on the secon syllable whenever he sees something of interest or especially dangerous. He is very critical of human nature, he sees himself as superior. When angered at humans he calls them stupid apes. He won't do anything domestic which is seen by how much he travels around and treats others.

He often tends to make dry jokes to those around him to diffuse tension, but he usually ends up failing. He gives speeches about things or lectured those he wished to scold or teach a lesson. The Doctor is very bad at Card Tricks, he is a relatively good pickpocket. He tends to fold his arms and frown when lecturing or listening intently. He grins when happy or when he finds something funny, he's also seen to be over confident of his plans even if he thinks they won't work. Unlike previous incarnations he enjoys video games and is quite skiled at them.
Appearance: wears a wrist watch

The Ninth Doctor Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Important Figures: Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness
Home Town/Planet: Gallifrey
History: When the last Great Time War erupted he was in his eighth regeneration, he did his best to help people. This didn't work completely, he barely managed to avoid becoming a major player in the war. This was through hard work and effort, when Eight died of Old Age he was regenerated to this current form. It was hard work that he began to adjust to everything that was going on, when the Daleks and the Time Lords died he was left miserable.

That was until he met her Rose, she helped him in so many ways. They had many great adventures and she began to help him a great deal. She was a woman that he found truly valuable and she was a great asset that helped him begin to cope with what he had done in the Great War. She was also a very good friend to him that would eventually be more by the way he felt, along with meeting Jack Harkness and traveling with him for a time.

The Ninth Doctor Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: AIM: goldriderprissy
Gchat: goldriderprissy
Other Characters: None
Source: Link from a dead site

Roleplay Sample: The Doctor looked around the T.A.R.D.I.S it was being quiet for the moment they'd stopped somewhere and he wasn't sure when or where. He looked at his watch and smiled slightly as he went to the door, he was interested in what was going on but for the moment he'd look at the area around. Rose was probably off somewhere else at the moment which was fine by him she was well able to take care of her self for a little bit. The Doctor kept walking around looking at the place and the people he was feeling confident and on alert though for danger or anything else that may need his attention. A part of him was sure that this was going to be some kind of a day that needed saving.

Why is the Earth always in trouble? He thought to himself as he walked around just strolling and looking for anything out of the ordinary. This put him on even higher alert than before this made nervous and quite sure that something was going to happen soon. Though he wondered if Rose would be safe at this moment.
The Ninth Doctor
The Ninth Doctor

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The Ninth Doctor Empty Re: The Ninth Doctor

Post by Siren on Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:16 am

Oh, look how young you are... *Smiles softly*
Approved! Welcome to the site, lovely :3 You are free to RP!

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