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Mara Keats

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Mara Keats

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 11, 2014 9:19 am

“When she was just a girl, she expected the world, but it flew away from her reach, so she ran away in her sleep...”

Full Name: Miranda Victoria Keats
Aliases: Mara (always introduces herself as that), 'The Dreamer' (by probably anyone who has heard her wild fantasies of going to space, including her parents).
Age: 22
Occupation: Astrologist
Species: Human
Face Claim: Lucy Hale

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London.
Personality: Mara's instantly known for her kindness, and her open mind. She has a huge imagination and she's very open to other people's beliefs. She's always daydreaming, although she's learned how to be able to focus on conversations and such whilst doing so. She's the biggest dreamer that her family have ever witnessed and sometimes that annoys them. Mara is very clever, hence the reason she became an astrologist. That, and the fact that she believes in space and stars and aliens, only she's never seen any of those things except from afar. She's a born trier; she won't give up until she fulfills her dreams. She can be sarcastic and flirty at times, but usually that doesn't show too much. She's far from innocent; Mara can play off as being that, but she most certainly isn't. She's a good actress, because when she was younger she had to play off her feelings. She does still get a little nervous about letting people in, but usually it doesn't seem to be a problem. Mara, despite her kindness, takes a while to trust people. Mostly, at least. Sometimes she just takes a liking to someone instantly.

Mara is very stubborn and very brave. She can be a bit sensitive, but as she grew up she slowly started becoming less so. She has a temper and she knows exactly what to say to make people feel bad. When she apologizes, she does so sincerely, because she always spends hours on end thinking of the right words to say for apologies. Mara is misunderstood, too; people often think she's silly and soft but she's not always that. She's kind and friendly and bubbly, granted, but she does know how to be cold and mean and closed-up. Mara can be very insecure and she doubts her self-worth, but usually with a few words of comfort she can instantly feel important again. That's another thing she's good at; using words and reassurances to make others feel important. She will never give up on someone, ever. Mara cares about people even after spending just ten minutes talking to them, meaning she may well risk her life for a stranger.

Parents: Jessica Keats; father unknown
Siblings: Marco Keats and Mia Keats (twins) (missing)
Important Figures: Sarah Keats (aunt) (missing)
Home Town/Planet: London, Earth.
History: Mara Keats has always wanted to see the stars, ever since she was a little girl. She met her first alien at age five, and it gave her a necklace and told her that, no matter what, aliens existed and they weren't all bad. She believed it solemnly and she has never forgotten that day. She wears the necklace all the time; she was told by the alien that the diamond had a star trapped in it, and Mara is still mystified by it. From then on, Mara has wanted to travel the stars somehow, meet all the aliens she can, and just...experience a privilege that not many humans could. Growing up, she drew and wrote about aliens, and made up her own stories. She was forever scribbling away in notebook after notebook, or found sitting quietly daydreaming. She tried to explain to her parents that she really did meet an aliern, but they never ever believed her, which made Mara upset. So she started a journal, when she was aged 8, and she has never stopped writing since. She has a whole box of journals, along with all her notebooks where she wrote her stories. Mara was always alone in her school life because of her insane imagination, but she never really cared; she got good enough grades and she spent her playtimes writing and daydreaming.

Even way into her teen years, Mara never gave up the hope that she would meet more aliens. Sometimes she actually did; she saw the ones that tried to destroy London and she had wanted more than anything to go out and see what was going on, but her mother had kept her in. For a while, at least. Then Mara had climbed out of the window to go and see what was happening. As much as she'd have liked to help, nobody let her actually get to where the aliens were, which was very annoying. Mara grew up dreaming that one day, she could save people from aliens, and communicate with them, ask what they wanted...that was definitely something that she had always, always wanted. And she kept on writing, kept on imagining, even as she got proper degrees for a job. She knew she wanted to be an astrologist, to study all the stars and planets and such. So with hard work, that's exactly what happened.

Mara spends most of her time writing and working and just generally living her life, still keeping an eye out for aliens. She still daydreams just as much as ever, and despite the fact that she knows she should be happy with her life (being an astrologist at 22 is very lucky), somehow it feels incomplete...

Nickname: Carmen
Contact Information: PM or Skype
Other Characters: Clara Oswald
Source: I is a staff member <3


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