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Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:45 pm

“I will tempt you to sin.”

Full Name: Mara
Aliases: Jennifer Morris, Jenny
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Demon from Hell
Species: Demon
Face Claim: Molly C. Quinn

Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London, UK
Personality: She is a sultry creature, she enjoys seducing anyone and making them fall for her. It is then that she kills them, she has no attachment for anyone but she is unfailingly loyal to her kind and her leader. Mara is a demon who knows her place, she is a servant of the Devil and she is one that believes by making more humans falter she will gain more status. She is already powerful but there is still more to be gained, she is power hungry but she is also a demon with her own goals.

Mara knows that her actions and what she does will draw attention, this doesn't bother her in the least. She will kill any who get in her way even other demons but she will also as readily work with them. She is very much a creature determined to get her own way and convince others that sin and the path of Lucifer is the only path. Once Mara sets her sights on someone she doesn't back down from them and will do all she can to convince them of her actions.

Parents: None
Siblings: None
Important Figures: The Devil; Creator/Father
Laura Asher (Human daughter), 9 years old
Home Town/Planet: Hell
Low Level Abilities
Demonic Possession - Like angels, most demons(only known exceptions are Daeva and Hellhounds)require a human vessel or "meat suit" to travel on Earth. Unlike angels, they do not need a person's consent. Also, unlike angels, demons can possess corpses. It is easier to take control of people who are in states of heightened emotions or fear. This ability can be thwarted by Anti-possession tattoos. Also under certain circumstances, the person being possessed can regain control if his or her will is strong enough. They can also possess humans who are already possessed by an angel (and probably by another demon), but the only problem is the angel can neutralize it, because angels are naturally stronger than demons. In many cases, the demon will ride the host hard for fun and once they vacate the host will die.
Electromagnetic Interference - Demons, like spirits, often disrupt nearby electronics with their presence.
Flight - Only when in their natural forms.
Immortality - Demons have an indefinitely long lifespan and an arrested aging process.
Invulnerability - Injuries that would be fatal to humans, such as broken necks or gunshot wounds, have very little - if any - effect on demons. They can only be killed by special weapons or rituals. Unlike angels they don't always heal their vessels. If the "meatsuit" receives too much damage they simply find another human to possess, leaving their former vessel to die.
Super stamina - Demons never tire, and do not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain themselves. Sam states that they also do not get hot or cold.
Super strength - Demons possess superior physical strength compared to that of humans; capable of physically overpowering humans. Demons can also overpower most monsters. Once, a demon (the Phantom Traveler demon) ripped open an airplane hatch with over 2 tons of pressure at over 1,000 feet above the ground. The higher ranking the demon, the stronger it is. The highest ranking demons can overpower low-level angels.
Supernatural Perception - Demons are able to see hidden supernatural activity and beings, such as Reapers, ghosts, and Hellhounds.
Supernatural Senses - Demons have an enhanced sense of smell and taste, demonstrated as Crowley could identify Castiel was in Dean's Impala and that he and Raphael had been using dog's blood.
Telekinesis - Demons can move or suspend objects and other beings with their minds. Higher ranking demons can use this ability to kill people by snapping their necks.

Mid Level Powers
Biokinesis - Some demons can manipulate the biology of other beings. Azazel, for example, was able to torture Dean by causing him to hemorrhage. Meg was also able to cause Crowley to cough up blood in a similar manner. Astaroth stopped Elizabeth's heart with a wave of her hand and Abaddon caused people to bleed from their eyes. Crowley was even able to cause a girl to explode by snapping his fingers.
Electrokinesis - Displayed by Azazel and Crowley. They could manipulate electronic equipment to their will. Also the demon possessing Isaac's corpse was able to switch on an old radio.
Invisibility - Some demons can become invisible to humans.
Spell Casting - Some demons can practice witchcraft, much like witches, like altering the range/space they occupy. Other demons are adept in Enochian magic which they use to protect themselves from Angels. Alastair knew of a spell that could allow him to banish an angel back to Heaven. Meg and Casey knew of spells that they could use while inside a Devil's Trap, allowing them to break free.
Teleportation - Some demons can travel from one place to another instantly, without occupying the space in between.
Terrakinesis - Limited; Some demons can create small earthquakes. This was once used to destroy a Devil's Trap drawn by Kevin Tran. (We Need To Talk About Kevin)
Thermokinesis - Certain demons such as Lilith and Crowley can emit great heat through their skin resulting in severe burns to what ever they touch. Crowley also once caused Ruby's knife to burn red hot by merely snapping his fingers, forcing Dean to drop it. (We Need To Talk About Kevin).
Healing - Used by Crowley, he is the only demon who has shown the ability to heal others out of the context of a deal, albeit a small wound. (All Dogs Go To Heaven)
Weather Manipulation - Some demons such as Meg and Father Gil are able to alter the weather to a limited extent such as creating sudden gusts of wind. More powerful demons like Azazel can create stronger winds and Abaddon could trigger thunder and lightning merely by screaming.

High Level Abilities
Access to/from Hell - High ranking demons such as Azazel, Alastair, and Crowley can easily teleport themselves back and forth between Earth and Hell, without the need for any complex summoning ritual or assistance. This however, varied among high-tier demons, as some were kept imprisoned due to unknown reasons and methods.
Enhanced Immunity - As a general rule, the more powerful the demon, the more resistant they are to harm and common anti-demon methods such as salt and Holy Water. High ranking demons like Alastair are immune to the Killing Touch of normal Angels and both he and Abbadon are immune to the killing effects of the Demon-killing knife though it causes them pain. The Knights of Hell could only be killed by the First Blade and Cain, the original Knight, is completely immune to the knife to the point it doesn't even hurt him.
Exorcism - Displayed by Abaddon and (possibly) Lilith. She forced a demon out of its host and back to Hell by choking its vessel. Lilith also claimed that she sent Ruby to Hell and then possessed her vessel.
White Light - Used by Lilith (Jus In Bello, No Rest for the Wicked) and Samhain (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester). High ranking demons can use this to generate massive amounts of destructive energy that can obliterate large areas.
Demonic Smiting - Cain, one of the first and most powerful demons, displayed the power to smite other demons similar to angels, but with a red glow rather than a white one.
History: Mara was created in Hell, she had once been human and she remembers this as a vague sort of fog. She knows that she was tortured for countless years and that it wasn't until she agreed to start on it that she was let free. It took many more for her to be truly one of them, but she rose quickly through the ranks gaining power swiftly. Mara is a quick learner and she used that to her advantage to gain power and become a strong demon.

She is not very well known nor does she wish to be known, she is a temptress and if her ways became known it'd be trouble. She has kept her presence quiet and wishes to keep it that way because then she can better do her Master's will. She will work with anyone that doesn't try to stop her or get in her way.

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: AIM, Gchat
Other Characters: The Ninth Doctor, Dean Winchester
Source: Link from another site

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.

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Re: Mara

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 18, 2014 5:57 pm

Oh. A demon. Well you better hope we never run into each other.
approved! Add yourself to the face claims! You may begin rping :p


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