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Siren's Soliloquy

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Siren's Soliloquy

Post by Siren on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:56 pm

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Siren is coy, sassy, and outspoken most of the time, and isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She's quite fond of her gun and she isn't afraid to speak her mind or say things that would normally offend others.

Siren has barely any friends. She spent a century hiding away from everyone, losing everyone she was once close to because of their decision to take her memory. She is generally protective of people whom are kind to her and she would do anything to keep them safe.

Siren was in denial for almost a century that she was still in love with the Doctor, but after finally giving in and talking with him, her love proved to still be quite potent. She absolutely adores him and would do anything to see him live another day. She feels as though she has to keep him in line since he is much more emotionally vulnerable in his newer form, and she is violent, rude, and merciless to anyone who would dare hurt him.

Amadeus is Siren's most feared foe. She absolutely hates him and wants nothing more than for him to die. She wants nothing to do with him anymore, despite the fact that he controls her and makes her do his dirty work for him. The Silence captured Siren and imprisoned her for a century, so Siren does not enjoy hearing about them at all. They tortured her so much that the idea of being around them invokes a fear she's never had before.

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