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Plotting with The Pariah

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Plotting with The Pariah

Post by The Pariah on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:47 pm

Demorytor | 177 | Gallifreyan

This feisty ginger Time Lady is new to the world of Time Travel and absolutely loves going on adventures. She's super shy at first, but when she gets to know people, she becomes super peppy and optimistic.

Demory is incredibly trusting and caring for her friends. She makes sure her friends are safe before she does anything else. She had one close friend in the past who disappeared on her some time after she began Time Traveling again, and she is crushed that she has disappeared on her. She is quite lonely and really misses having people in her life.

Demory has been in love with The Doctor for as long as she can remember. Even when she was a little girl, she had a crush on him growing up and always looked up to him as a role model. She is incredibly protective of him and is willing to risk her life for him no matter what the situation is. She is very loyal to him and would never trade him for anything.

One of Demory's biggest foes right now is Amadeus, who has control of her soul. He is the only person who invokes a type of fear in her that no one else does. She also hates The Master and anyone who an enemy of The Doctor. She doesn't make enemies easily, but if someone does something that would get her, her friends, or The Doctor harmed, she will not be happy.

On the first foreign fall of snow of the new year, the Storm would cause her untimely demise. The clock's ticking will sound and the chorus will sing as the shepherd and his sheep shall cry.

Demory's Theme
The Pariah
The Pariah

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