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Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace]

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Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace] Empty Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace]

Post by Jack Harkness on Fri Jun 20, 2014 8:13 pm

Jack huffed as he got up from his desk, the damned weevils had the majority of the team gone. He sighed as he walked out of The Hub towards Cardiff, he was leaving The Hub in Owen's care that was dangerous but it was better than being bored out of his skull. He'd talk to Meta about a family later, though at the moment he was more keen on getting away from the stress of his job. He looked down as he tried to keep his thoughts more upbeat it was better than feeling like crap as he moved on. Ianto was gone he'd moved on and found Meta, that made him smile as he went he saw that there were some weird aliens but he ignored them they weren't doing anything to hurt humans for now. He wondered where the Team was he hadn't seen them yet and he kept moving.

"Damn it guys where'd you chase that weevil to." He growled under his breath as he walked on and then he looked up as he saw movement not sure what it was he walked towards it. Wondering if maybe it was his team or if it was another person out there.

Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace] Tumblr_lyolb5sJZb1qmf75ko1_500
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Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace] Empty Re: Sometimes I Hate my Job [Ace]

Post by Ace McShane on Sun Jun 22, 2014 10:56 pm

( the title them song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2ub56lhlUQ)

Ace wonder along the ally wonder how she came to be here as she was only just moments away from being at the Doctors side to being in a strange place that look not only unfamiliar to her,even thought she could tell it was earth. But there was no telling what year or century it was, Ace took her time to look for some where she could try to know where she was and to get in contact with the Doctor to come rescue her.

As she walked thought the some what she thought was deserted ally,hoping to find some clue of there she was. "Hello, is any one there ?" calling out into the night sky hoping to get a response. But got nothing but utter silence Ace continued to look a round to find any one and after what seem like a forever.

Ace managed to stumble across some one, well more they stumbled on to her as Ace saw something that looked like a human but a mutated sort of ugly looking. Being chased by a man dressed in old war time clothing. Making Ace wonder what time period was she in as her clothing. Ace was in the sights of of what ever this thing was and hearing it snarling made Ace put her hand in her pocket to get a can of Nitro 9 ready to try to fend off this what ever it was.

Seeing the thing looking at her Ace whipped out the can and shouted "all right busta you stay right there or your going to become a gloppy mess if you come any closer." Ace could here someone coming right behind the thing and hoped it wasn't any more of the thing that stood before her.

When it came around the corner Ace saw it was the man in the old war clothing with a gun drawn at her and the thing that stood between them. "Stop don't shoot !"

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