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Catching up [OPEN] Empty Catching up [OPEN]

Post by Ben Cross on Mon Mar 24, 2014 12:10 pm

Sitting toward the back of the cafe, a coffee and tea cake placed either side of his trusty laptop, Ben continued typing away. He knew that most people in this era used what they called tablet computers, but he preferred to have something that felt far more substantial to hand. Besides, laptops and desktops where his more his speciality in the programming and repair business that he had recently become his own boss in. It wasn't easy for humans or even a pseudo human such as himself to partake in such endeavours, but with nearly a century of experience in the field, he felt as though he was ready. Of course, he hadn't put that in the business loan application, who would take him seriously otherwise, but he knew his own skills and how to use them. It didn't come without its troubles, but the perks far outweighed such things. Being his own boss freed him to travel in his TARDIS, that had decided it was going to play along after all, and not worry too much if he failed to make it back in time for work. He swore the thing had a mind of it's own!

With the TARDIS safely parked in his flat, disguised a wardrobe, Ben took a sip of his coffee as he logged into Facebook. He knew that he should have been reviewing his jobs for the day, but then there weren't all that many scheduled for today anyway. Besides, he'd made friends that he liked to keep in touch with, just as any normal human should. Of course, he wasn't human, but sometimes it was good to pretend for a while. Especially when he knew what kind of monsters and extra terrestrials were out there, just waiting to make a snack out of him and the population of London.

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