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Post by Guest on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:58 pm

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Castiel is an on again, off again Angel of the Lord. He is not always loyal to Heaven, his loyalty bending more towards his bondmate, Aislinn. He is rebellious at times, but
only ever rebels for his friends. He is fiercely protective of them, feeling like it's his responsibility to keep them all safe. He'll do what ever it takes.

He can be as naive as a child sometimes, despite his years of existence. He is not very up to date with human technology and slang, and often gets confused easily when around humans.

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Castiel only has a few friends: Dean and Sam Winchester, Adriel and Aislinn. They are all strong, pure hearted (maybe not the Winchesters... x3), and some how put up with his stupid actions.

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The first, and only, time Castiel fell in love was with Aislinn, his bondmate. She is the one who really made him break the wall he had between him and his feelings. He feels totally loyal to her, disregarding his duties as an angel to help her in a heartbeat.

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All demons, and basically anyone who threatens his friends, especially Aislinn. Because of this, most of the angels are not on his friend list. They are nearing the enemy list the more they play around with Aislinn.


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