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Eamon Hayes

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Eamon Hayes

Post by Eamon Hayes on Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:28 pm

“I won't give up. Not now and not through you!”

Full Name: Eamon Hayes
Age: 42, chronologically, but appears 22
Occupation: Vagabond/recluse
Species: Vampire
Face Claim: Drew Fuller

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London
Personality: Eamon is mostly determined and focused, using his enhanced senses to full effect. He is however prone to bouts of neurosis, brought on by long periods of isolation and regret. When attempting to blend in with humans, he is rather charming and witty, lulling them into a false sense of security in order to manipulate them for his own ends. His defiance and brutal determination mean that things rarely end well for those who earn his ire.

He can be rather stubborn and his strong desire to survive stems from his wish to accomplish his goal. This means that any hunters who wish to kill him will not have an easy task ahead. Despite this, he is regretful and apologetic for his actions, but tries to tell himself that he is no different to a wolf hunting a deer, rather being an evil monster as he believes deep down.
Appearance: Eamon is 6' 1'' tall and weighs in at 10st 5lbs. He has dark mid to dark brown hair and green eyes. His dress style is mostly casual, favouring pants and shirts, usually accompanied by leather jacket and 'sensible' shoes. Ironically, he also has an anti possession tattoo on his upper left arm, just below the shoulder.

Parents: Rose and Bill Hayes
Siblings: Abigail (Abby)
Important Figures: Family and his 'recruiter'.
Home Town/Planet: London, Earth
Powers/Skills: Advanced strength, speed, agility, stamina and senses. Is also immune to ageing and sickness, rendering him immortal, and can take wounds that would kill humans with little to no effect on him. If he consumes enough human blood, then he can also heal himself of anything other than amputation. He rarely consumes enough to use this ability, however.

History: Born to London based hunters Rose and Bill Hayes, Eamon quickly learned that monsters and the supernatural were very real. They had even begun training him to partake in the 'family business', from the age of five, when he encountered his first demon. A fast learner, Eamon began accompanying his parents on hunts after just a few short years, taking over from his mother when his sister was born and she resumed post natal duties. Eventually, the four of them became a team, although their parents attempted to shield them from the worst of it. They had little choice but to teach them for their own protection, although they doubted others would see it that way. He would come to resent them a little for this, but ultimately he loved his family and they remained close, if not rather isolated from others.

Years passed until just weeks after his twenty second birthday, the family were ambushed by vampires. Although his sister managed to escape, his parents were killed and he was turned. However, they had not anticipated his rage at becoming the very thing he had been raised to destroy, as well as witnessing his parents murder, and so he in turn killed every member of the small, also newly turned hive, save for the one who had turned him who fled the scene. Why he did so when he presumably could have easily overpowered a new vampire such as him is a mystery, causing Eamon suspect that another power was at play. Whatever had happened, he never learned how to turn others, vowing to avenge his family alone. This also included his sister, who had also escaped but who he soon learned was missing.

Left alone to succumb to the inevitable blood lust, he Fed on human and animal blood indiscriminately. He eventually gained enough control over himself to prevent harming humans and now drinks mostly animal blood. Quickly learning to use his heightened senses to full advantage, he has also been known to take human blood from other sources. He has spent the last two decades primarily on his own as he searches for his parents killer and his lost sister so far to no avail.

Nickname: Fayt
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: Ben, The Hunter, Donna
Source: Already here

Roleplay Sample: See other characters
Eamon Hayes

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Re: Eamon Hayes

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 23, 2014 1:09 pm

yay! A Vampire! Approved m'dear Smile please add yourself to the who's who and face claim


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