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Molly Hooper

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Molly Hooper

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:13 pm

“And they all got the same heartbeat, but hers is falling behind.”

Full Name: Molly Elizabeth Hooper
Aliases: Molly
Age: 29
Occupation: Pathologist
Species: Human
Face Claim: Louise Brealey

Sexual Preference: Men
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London, England
The best word to describe Molly is a "push-over." She's quiet, caring, and will go to great lengths for her friends, which is why she's gotten that reputation. It's always just been her nature, and Molly is fine with that. She doesn't think these qualities are bad at all, rather they make her a great friend.

Molly is quite sensitive, though she doesn't speak on her feelings too often. The only time she really does that is if she really thinks what she has to say is important, or if she's exploding from all the things she's bottled up. She's a hopeless romantic, but at the same time, she's also very logical. Molly is very intelligent, has to be for the field of work she's in, and is great at what she does.
She is pretty small in height and frame, and has brown hair and brown eyes. At first, Molly looks rather plain to people. Her looks aren't necessarily very striking, but when someone really does look at her, they see the gentle beauty in her. Seeing as she works a lot, she can mostly be seen in her lab coat, but when that's not the case, Molly wears a lot of earthy tones. Again, it's never anything that truly catches your eye. Molly is the type of girl that blends in, who you don't really notice until you're really looking.

Parents: Allen Hooper (deceased) and Janine Hooper
Siblings: None
Important Figures:
Home Town/Planet: London, England / Earth
Molly was born and raised in the busy city of London. She's seen the world at their worst, which is usually on Christmas, she'll admit. Her father was a successful college professor in Biology while her mother was an aspiring writer. The two mixed together to create what Molly was, a logical, yet also strangely sentimental, little girl with an eagerness to learn more.

She ended up leaning more towards her father's field, but her mother wasn't at all offended. They both knew why. Allen Hooper had started getting sick when Molly was 16. He had been diagnosed with cancer, and he didn't have very long. Those last few months, Molly took special care of her father, doting on him as much as her mother did, but she could see the lack of hope in his eyes. One day she told him that she was going to school to become a pathologist, just like he had wanted to be when he was a child before taking up teaching. And in that moment, he had seemed happy, that his legacy would live on through his daughter.

Molly loves what she does, but a job like that has made socializing with people even more difficult than it was before for her. Her dating history is very sparse. She dated Jim Moriarty for some time before he ended things. People kept telling her he was gay anyways, and then there was Tom... She didn't think she'd ever loved a man more. They'd almost gotten married, too. But as the date got closer, Molly just felt like something was wrong. So, single again, she's back to working solely on her job, though she can definitely tell that something's up with her world, more than usual anyways.

Nickname: Malia
Contact Information: Probably another one of my Tumblr rp blogs. This one is a good one to reach me on. I'm usually always logged in on it.
Other Characters: None yet.
Source: A member talking about it on the Wholock tag on Tumblr.

Roleplay Sample:
Molly didn't know what it was that she had liked about Tom. He was silly and childish at times, and... Well, she usually liked someone a little smarter. As she sat with her legs crossed in the fireplace, sifting through the photos of her and her ex-fiance, Molly attempted to narrow it down to exactly what had made her so interested in Tom... Perhaps it was those sharp cheekbones. Maybe his dark curls or thin, lanky frame... Or... The way he looked in a scarf and coat with his collar lifted up. He hated to wear it like that, but Molly always insisted that his collar be lifted. She loved it.

She tossed another photo into the fire. Could it really have just been his appearance? Had Molly Hooper become so shallow as to have only dated someone for their looks? She sighed, watching the picture of her and Tom at a Christmas party bend and fold and burn. She grabbed her glass of wine and sipped from it. Molly was really starting to feel disappointment with herself, but then she tried to remember why she had left him.

It had been a month before the wedding when Molly finally broke down, telling him they just didn't fit right. She had always believed in soul mates, and... Well, Molly just didn't think that Tom was hers. She just felt like there was... Someone. Someone else out there. Someone that mattered. She shook her head, downing the rest of the glass down her throat and throwing the remaining photos into the fire.

Don't be stupid, she told herself, You've been reading too many romantic novels, Molly Hooper. There's no one else.


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Re: Molly Hooper

Post by Siren on Tue Feb 11, 2014 3:55 pm

"Oh hello, miss Molly~"


APPROVED! Welcome to the site, m'dear Smile I hope that you have a ton of fun ^^ Please add yourself to the Face Claim List and Who's Who!

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