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Christmas! // OPEN to friends!

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Christmas! // OPEN to friends! Empty Christmas! // OPEN to friends!

Post by Siren on Wed Dec 25, 2013 2:02 pm

Siren had invited her friends over for a Christmas Dinner she'd be holding in her TARDIS. She decided to take advantage of her cooking skills, making a whole slew of choices, like a roasted chicken, stuffing, salads, rosemary potatoes, some salmon, as well as some other classic dishes that she set up around the table. She was eager to let everyone in, and she just hoped everyone got her invitation.

Running toward her main console room, Siren was wearing a santa hat, a black tight dress with a woman's fit santa coat and a pair of knee high leather boots with laced tights. She was wearing some red lip stick and smoky eye shadow as she usually did, and she was tapping her foot eagerly just waiting for people to arrive. She looked down at her watch, "Oh I do hope the invitations got sent out correctly..."

Pressing a button behind her on the console, Christmas music began playing, echoing throughout the halls of the TARDIS. A wide grin appeared on her face as she laughed lightly to herself. "Oh this is about to be so much fun."

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Christmas! // OPEN to friends! MlkcV3L

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