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Post by Ben Cross on Mon Dec 23, 2013 10:44 am

Journal of Naxilyran Benjamin Cross

Been three Earth years since the 'accident' that stranded me on the world in question, and only now have I thought to keep a journal. Not something I ever thought I'd wind up doing, but maybe keeping a track of things might be a good idea. With the TARDIS pretty much defunct, at least as far as going anywhere is concerned, and the likelihood of bumping into any of my lot again growing thinner by the day, the possibility of living out my days here is a very real possibility. Barring some kind of accident resulting in being bumped off by human meds of some kind, I could be here a while!

I can't risk anyone finding this journal, so I'll be keeping it here in the TARDIS. If anyone does find it though, then they will probably guess that I am a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of...eh, to be honest I was always better with computers than I ever was with astronomy. Pretty ironic I know, considering by race and all, but that doesn't mean I don't know enough to navigate! I knew where I was going with that TARDIS when I 'borrowed' it, it's just that I'm not that clued up on how to fix the thing when the vortex manipulator and related components go kaput. I know which bit is which, it's just where to put them that I'm not really sure of! And that would be me defending myself to a piece of paper...
Bumped into a rather interesting person today, a woman name River Song. Claims to be a professor, but what field I have no idea. Either way, a faceless creature is lurking around these parts, one that intends on relieving us of our own faces! Apparently, Ms Song knows of Time Lords and TARDISs, figuring out with no trouble that I am one of them. She also claims she can fix my TARDIS, although that remains to be seen. I sure hope so, especially seeing as it may be our only hope in sparing the residents of London a grizzly end.

Ben Cross
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