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Siren's Last Song

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Siren's Last Song Empty Siren's Last Song

Post by Siren on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:59 pm

Ugh I had a terrible, heart wrenching dream and I just had to write it down because it was brilliantly yet tragically beautiful. XD It's called "Siren's Last Song".

Although Demory knew that the Doctor had been distant lately, she had a feeling that there was more to his sudden disappearances. After his regeneration, something changed, as though he had come to a realization to how short life truly was. Demory was frightened. She was afraid that the man she loved dearly would be ripped away from her by death’s cruel grips. He was on his last life and his story was truly ending, while she still had plenty to live on.

Rumor had spread across the universe that the Daleks were up to something. They were requesting “help” on Skaro. Something about their messages was quite suspicious though, and Demory found it to be unnerving. She decided it would be best to investigate the matters herself, before getting the Doctor involved. He was on his last form. She couldn’t waste it. She would do anything to make sure he lives on another day.

When Demory’s TARDIS had materialized on Skaro, it was quiet, and desolate, as it always had been after the war. She frowned; unsure of where it was she needed to go, but the tower in the center of the area caught her attention. She had a feeling that was where they were. Walking toward it, she could see that there were parts of broken daleks scoured across the empty fields.

When she had finally made it inside, she noted how quiet it was, and dark. She wasn’t quite sure what it was she was looking for. “Hello?” she finally spoke, and suddenly thousands of red lights lit up across the room. “The Time Lady has been targeted! She has come in the Doctor’s steed! Exterminate! Exterminate!”

Gasping and jumping out of the way, she avoided the lasers and pulled out her gun, shooting as many of them as she could before getting to a safer area. It truly was a trap for the Doctor. How was she going to get out of this alive? Hiding behind a pillar, she felt her hearts race as she tried to come up with an idea. She suddenly thought of something, getting up quickly, and running for the control pad to the monitors to the side of the room where she had assumed the Daleks were leaving their messages.

Quickly rewiring everything, she turned to face them, to which they approached with caution. “What is she doing? What is she doing?” one of them kept inquiring. Demory took a deep breath and narrowed her eyes. “I’m going to cause an explosion which will make this building collapse onto itself. No one will survive,” she spoke gravely.

“But then you will not survive either!” one said. She nodded; she knew the consequence. Her hand hovering over the button, she could see there was a conflict as the Daleks faced each other, unsure of what their next plan of action was. They then turned back to her. “Mercy!” but she did not buy that. The moment she would let go of the button, they’d be after her again. “Liar,” she whispered, pressing down on the button.

A big flash of white, yellow, and red consumed the area as heat took over her body, creating excruciating pain she could barely comprehend. She tried to scream, but the smoke and fire had completely destroyed her throat, making her unable to make any noise. The force had sent her across the room, face planting into the concrete. The Daleks had been destroyed. For a moment, she thought she was going to die, but a sudden rush of adrenaline came over her, making her able to weakly stand on her feet.

My moments are limited, she heard herself say without thinking. She had time to get out of the area, to find safe place to regenerate. She had to think fast. Immediately, she began limping to the TARDIS, her body covered in scars and soot, her hair singed, but still flowing. Her breathing was rattling, and her movements were sharp.

Falling into the TARDIS, she reached for the console, pushing a button, and unable to move herself much longer, she heard the voice interface activate. “B-bring me to the Doctor… my Doctor…” she spoke weakly, fighting the scratches in her voice.

A jolt of the TARDIS had sent it flying to unknown lands, where suddenly, the doors flew open, and she noticed that he was inside a great hall, all alone, exploring. He looked over, a smile worth a thousand words on his face because he knew who was arriving. Struggling to get up, she leaned against the side of the TARDIS upon exiting, looking at him with a grim, hopeless mask. “Doctor,” she spoke in a weak, trembling voice before falling forward onto the tiled floor.

“Demory,” he whispered, his hearts skipping beats as he ran over to her quickly. Pulling his sonic out, he waved it over her numerous times, reading it over and over, denying what it was saying. She couldn’t have been regenerating… not now. “Demory, what happened!?”

“Don’t w-worry… I’m still here. I’m from your future… but I-I wanted to see you before I go,” she said, trying to be vague, yet understandable. She couldn’t give too much away. After he had regenerated, he felt he was no longer good enough and he had fled her, leaving her in the dust without a word. “I had to save you… you would have died otherwise…”

“Don’t say that, you’ll be okay,” the Doctor’s voice was in a panic as he brought her closer to him, holding him in his arms as he fell to his knees. Demory smiled, weakly putting a hand to his face as a single tear had found its way to her cheek.

“I’m glad it’s with you, I get to say goodbye…” she said. “But please, will you answer me one question before I go?” she tried to be quiet, trying not to strain her voice. The pain in her body that was slowly shutting down was becoming quite heavy, and she knew she only had a few moments.

“Anything,” the Doctor spoke in a hurry, his hand moving her hair out of her face as he held her gingerly in his arms. “Anything at all,” he then whispered.

She watched him for a moment, biting her lip before speaking. “Please, if you loved me at all, tell me your name.” There was a pause between the two of them as his hands began to shiver as he held her. He was holding back from crying, but it was hardly working. The emotions were too much, but he tried to stay strong, for her sake.

Very slowly, the Doctor moved in, giving her a final kiss as gently as possible. He then moved in, toward her ear, whispering something to her to which only she could hear. Her eyes flickered in relief as a smile curled on her face. She now knew the Doctor’s biggest secret, and it confirmed to her how much he truly cared for her. “Move back,” she suddenly spoke. “now!

With that, the Doctor let go of her and ran back as fast as he could as an orange light emanated behind him. Turning back once more, he watched his lover regenerate violently on the floor, sprawled out as she suddenly then sprung up with a large, curly mess of hair and a much more matured body. She had the form of a much older lady, but it was still quite feminine. She looked at the Doctor in silence, slowly backing away into her TARDIS.

“Run,” she said with a smirk. “You will run into me again soon. Find me in your older years, darling.” And with that, the TARDIS had disappeared. Unsure of what to make of it though, the Doctor’s visions of a dying lover in his arms brought him back to tears as he completely fell to his knees, his face contorting in sadness as tears ran down like cascades.

“Doctor?” a young, unchanged Demory suddenly called out behind him spoke. He turned his head. It was her, still in the form from before the regeneration. He got to his feet, looking at her in awe. “A-are you okay? What happened?”

He quickly moved in, embracing her with a hard breath as he shook his head. “Nothing—nothing at all. I’m so glad you’re okay…”

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