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Title Shop

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Title Shop

Post by The Pariah on Sat Dec 14, 2013 3:06 pm

This is where you can buy a title of your choice. It will be visible over your side profile with every post that you make, and each title will cost £2,000. If you would like to change your title at any point, it will cost an additional £1,000. Each title has its own specific meaning, and if you do not see one that you enjoy or fits your character, you may create your own. Simply reply to this thread with one that you want, and an admin will take care of it for you.

The Assassin - The Kill for hire
The Calm One - The One who is always calm, in all situations
The Cardinal - The One who gets into trouble and likes it
The Dreamer - The one who has a wide imagination
The Eccentric One - The one who always has something up their sleeve
The Final Say - The words of wisdom
The Flame - The bringer of light to those around them
The Guide - the one who brings peace and shows the way out
The Incubus - the man who flirts and is quick to seduction
The Keeper of Keys - the one who always is ahead of the game
The King - the man who rules over everything, whether anyone else believes so or not
The Kingdom - the foundation of all their friendships
The Lost One - the one who knows not where they belong
The Mercenary - the one who hunts
The Moon - the one who revolves around their friends
The Open Book - the one who people can see everything about
The Queen - the woman who rules over everything
The Quiet One - the one who barely says a word
The Rash One - the one who's quick to anger
The Remembered - the one who people will remember through the years
The Shadow - the one who hides to the sides
The Spine - the foundation of everything around them
The Spiritual One - the one who finds faith in the cosmos
The Sun - the one whose friends revolve around them
The Wanderer - the one who loves to adventure
The Wandering Soul - the one who is lost, unsure of what their purpose is

Here are all the current custom titles. These titles aren't for sale, they're just for those who requested them.

The Fighter - The one who kept going, despite all the hardship they've dealt with.
The Gypsy - The strangely alluring one with a knack for adventure.
The Healer - The one who is always there to help.
The Innocent - The one who has not been touched by darkness.
The Sinful - the one who has a dark past, and has done terrible things
The Storm - the One who is ever changing and unpredictable
The Succubus - the woman who flirts and quick to seduction

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Re: Title Shop

Post by The Eleventh Doctor on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:15 pm

Eleven would like to have a different title... Um, think "The Storm" would be good, with "The One who is ever changing and unpredictable" as the description. Tried to find the right one is those that were already there, but to describe the Doctor in one word is so impossible >.<


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Re: Title Shop

Post by Siren on Sat Dec 14, 2013 9:19 pm

of course! sounds good, m'dear Smile

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Re: Title Shop

Post by Sponsored content

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