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Gadreel Empty Gadreel

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:40 pm

Gadreel 230px-Tahmoh_Penikett
“I sat in these halls for thousands of years thinking of nothing but redemption, as a nobody. But not anymore. we will no longer let ourselves be blinded by arrogance. our mission was to help and protect those who could not and would not protect themselves: the humans.”

Gadreel Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500
Full Name: Gadreel
Aliases: Ezekiel, Zeke
Age: Ageless
Occupation: Angel of Heaven
Species: Angel
Face Claim: Tahmoh Penikett

Gadreel Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Heaven
Personality: Gadreel was at one time God's most trusted and reliable angel, he is well meaning and benign for the most part. But when he was guarding The Garden of Eden he allowed Lucifer entry and he created evil on Earth. That was Gadreel's first and greatest failure as an angel of the Lord.

Gadreel is good at lying and deceiving but he doesn't like to because it is more than anything a reminder of what he'd done in the Garden. Gadreel is still very benevolent he hates violence and wouldn't do anything to harm an innocent. He feels great guilt over killing Kevin and hates to be the one to blame, he also did not harm Sam and he wouldn't allow that to happen. He has a very vindictive side though those that harmed him or allowed others he cares about to be harmed. He wil gleefully torture those who hurt him deeply and it would be very clear in how he behaved. He would rather be a hero than to see Heaven fall but he knows that he has done the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Despite his apparent compassion, he has a self-preservation instinct which shows when he gives Dean an ultimatum: send Castiel away, or he will leave Sam, killing him, to save himself from Bartholomew. Despite this and his weakened state, he is compassionate to a fault, shown when he resurrects Castiel and Charlie despite knowing it will weaken him because Dean was distraught by their deaths.

His benevolence causes him to hesitate to kill, he is willing to do so on a large scale but only because it's easier than killing others. He hates imprisonment mostly because of his own and he will not imprison or allow an enemy to be imprisoned he'd rather kill them. Even if his compassion and benevolence makes that difficult. Gadreel has a strong sense of loyalty and honor towards those he cares for. He believes that his kind are creatures of compassion and benevolence than wrath. He believed in Metatron's cause till he realized the methods were wrong and he wanted more than anything to do things the right way.

At the end of his life, when he sacrificed himself to save Castiel he revealed that he had thought of nothing but redemption. He now hopes that his redemption has happened, he hopws that he is no longer the villain he was in the days of old.
Gadreel 230px-Tahmoh_Penikett

Gadreel Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: God
Siblings: The Angels
Important Figures: Castiel
Home Town/Planet: Heaven
Immortality - As with all angels, Gadreel does not age and is immune to any earthly disease and toxin He was present at the Garden of Eden and, according to Castiel, has been imprisoned since the beginning of time.
Super Strength - After his fall, Gadreel retained just enough of his original strength to sufficiently overpower three low-level black-eyed demons at once; as shown when he single-handedly shoved one away with above-average force. However, in his weakened state at that time, he was no match for another fallen angel. His strength is gradually returning, though he was barely back to half-strength during the events of Slumber Party, though he implied that he was strong enough to help defeat the Wicked Witch. As of Holy Terror, his strength is almost completely restored. Despite this, he was overpowered by Castiel who is able to knock him out with one punch when he was caught off guard. By Meta Fiction his strength was fully restored and he was able to kill groups of angels without apparent injury to himself, albeit after catching them by surprise. His high levels of strength compared to average angels suggests that he may be of a higher rank of angel, possibly a seraph.
Regeneration - Gadreel heals his vessel's wounds, even mortal ones, in moments. Using this power, he can heal a vessel of damage even to the subatomic level while at the same time healing himself. However, in his weakened state this takes time though he is slowly making progress. A serious neck wound required him to take complete control to heal, but he was able to do it in seconds. After months of possessing Sam, Gadreel had managed to mostly heal him from the damage the Trials had done to him before being expelled to the point that Castiel would be able to finish the job over time. Gadreel later heals damage from torture inflicted by Dean and injuries from an angel blowing himself up. He was not however able to heal damage from the First Blade.
Healing - Gadreel can cure the bodily wounds and illnesses suffered by others, even those of a supernatural origin. However, in his weakened state if the person he is healing is weak as he is, he is not able to do this. When he resurrected Castiel, he healed his wound and the ones he got from torture.
Electronic Manipulation - Gadreel caused the alarms on a machine connected to Sam to turn off with just a wave of his hand.
Smiting - He killed Kevin in the same way he would a demon, by touching his forehead.
Telekinesis - Gadreel was able to pin Dean to a wall with just a wave of his hand and keep him there without any apparent concentration. He released Dean by simply walking away. He later threw Dean across a room with just a wave of his hand with enough force to knock him out.
Teleportation - As an angel Gadreel would have been able to teleport to anywhere on Earth. However since his wings were destroyed Gadreel can no longer use this power.
Memory Manipulation - Gadreel erased Sam's memory that they met in his mind and also that he gave Gadreel permission to possess his body.
Angelic Possession - As an angel, Gadreel needs a willing living human vessel to physically exist on Earth. If the vessel chooses, they can expel him. As of right now, Gadreel is back to possessing his original vessel after being expelled by Sam Winchester.
Flight - While disembodied, Gadreel can fly.
Telepathy - Gadreel can tap into "angel radio" as well as read the minds of humans, but only with physical contact. By placing a hand on two persons, he can let the first person listen to the thoughts of the second.
Astral Projection - Gadreel is able to display the remains of his wings, causing a massive flash of white light.
Super Senses - Gadreel is able to find a warded Castiel by locating a Reaper who is holding him captive. Like the other angels, he can hear humans prayers and can sense their location.
Resurrection - Gadreel is able to bring those who have died back to life, or at least those who have been dead for a short period of time. So far, he has demonstrated this ability on Castiel and Charlie Bradbury.
Superhuman Endurance - Gadreel is able to recover quickly from torture that broke Samandriel, saying that he has withstood much worse and can for a very long time.
Spell Casting - Gadreel was able to cast the spell that activated the Horn of Gabriel. He also cast Angel Suicide Bombing Spell in order to sacrifice himself.
Angel Banishing Sigil - An Angel Banishing Sigil could banish him.
Enochian Sigils - Certain Enochian Sigils can weaken his power and keep him from finding people.
Angel Exiling Spell - Metatron's spell cast Gadreel to Earth.
Angel Suppressing Sigil - An Enochian sigil could effectively knock him out for a period of time and keep him from knowing what's going on.
Holy Fire - Dean imprisoned Gadreel in a circle of holy fire during their first meeting and later captured him in one.
Vessel Expulsion - If his vessel is aware of his presence and wants him gone, they can expel him.
Angel Trap- It's another way to trap him besides Holy Fire.
The First Blade - As the First Blade can kill anything Lucifer can kill, it can kill Gadreel if he is stabbed with it. Just being slashed with it seriously wounded him.
Pieces of Heaven - Gadreel killed himself with a fragment of rock from Heaven's dungeon.
History: Gadreel was made as an angel of heaven, he was put in guard of the Garden of Eden. He laxed his guard for but a small moment and he lost his job and was imprisoned for his lax guard. Gadreel was put in jail in heaven and tortured from the moment that he let the Serpent into the garden and it changed him a bit. But he still retained much of who he was and he did  believe in the right thing even while under the punishment. When all the angels were cast from heaven he went with them, he was cast out as well.

Gadreel pretended to be Ezekiel and he entered Sam Winchester sparing his life and becomeing the one to heal him. He stayed within Sam for as long as he could until he was cast out by Sam and then he joined Metatron's cause. He fought on his side until he realized what Metatron was doing and he switched sides and went on to join Cas and the others in their cause. When Cas and he were captured he chose to die, to sacrifice himself to free Cas he killed himself to allow Cas to win.

When the reset occured recently he woke up and looked around, he was brought back to life and he could feel his emotions were locked up. This confused him but he allowed it and is now looking for Castiel and the others that were his friends at the end of his days.

Gadreel Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: PM, Skype, messengers
Other Characters:The Ninth Doctor, Dean Winchester, Mara, Captain Jack Harkness, Gabriel, Ben Braeden, Susan Foreman, Charlotte Asher, Azazel, Noah Zayden, The Tenth Doctor, Amitiel, Jenny
Source: Been here a while.

Roleplay Sample: Gadreel looked around the place he'd woken and smiled to himself, his vessel had been brought back as well. That pleased him the man was still in his happy place and Gadreel was here doing what he needed to do. He kept looking around and trying to figure out what happened then he tapped into Angel Radio and smiled. They had won, his life had won the war, he'd been the hero he always wanted. But now somehow he was alive again Gadreel looked around was confused he'd have to figure it out.

"So now where too.." He murmured softly as he got up and walked off to try and find out what was going on. He walked away down the road and did his best to find out what was going in his life now. The other angels were pretty obvious about the victory, though Metatron was free that upset him. He'd have to find him and kill him, Metatron had been in the wrong over this.


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Gadreel Empty Re: Gadreel

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 14, 2014 6:46 pm

... Gadreel? o_o
Accepted! Very Happy


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