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Out of Character CBOX

Behind the Character

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Behind the Character

Post by The Pariah on Thu Dec 12, 2013 12:06 pm

Here we go! this is just an area to break the ice between players, to get to know each other :3

My name is Mary (obviously), although some people call me Merada for whatever reason (most likely since it's my stage name). I'm a senior in high school in Michigan (Detroit area) and I'm 18.

My accounts on here include The Pariah, Siren, Rory Williams, Irene Adler, Demorytor, The Mistress, Jonah Clayworth, and Sam Winchester. I play as all these characters on another site I admin/co-run, which is also a Wholock site. There are some ideas of my own I wanted to do though, which is why I decided to make my own site.

I play many, many instruments and I would like to go to school for composition to make movie/video game scores. I'm actually in a class that allows me to do that type of stuff right now and am filling up a Soundcloud with my work to get feedback. It's a lot of electronic type stuff, because it's the genre I'm generally enthralled by.

I'm a HUGE whovian, but I'm also a big fan of Legend of Zelda, Harry Potter, as well as table top gaming, like Dungeons & Dragons, World of Darkness, etc. and I'm TRYING to get into Warhammer (my boyfriend keeps pestering me to). My favorite classic doctor is Eight and my favorite modern doctor is Ten.

I am a crazy cat lady, I have four cats, all named after fandoms I enjoy XD There's Merry, Pippin, Link, and Lizzy. I also have ferrets, but they annoy me so I never talk about them.

Anyways, I have a job as a hostess, so if I'm not on the site, it's either because I'm in school, with friends, or working.

That's all I can think of about me. I hope that gives some info. xD Feel free to reply with info about yourself!

a picture of me and my new tattoo <3

On the first foreign fall of snow of the new year, the Storm would cause her untimely demise. The clock's ticking will sound and the chorus will sing as the shepherd and his sheep shall cry.

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Re: Behind the Character

Post by River Song on Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:50 pm

Well hi! I'm Mika, and I found this site when I was looking through the advertisements on another site I'm on.  I thought I'd check it out, noticed River was open, and I also thought it was a good opportunity to help as site get active :3 the more members there are, the more people want to join it, after all.

So, despite popular belief, I'm actually not a huge fan of River x 11. Which is why I was asking earlier about them being separated and what not, but I guess that's more something to discuss with the eleventh, right? Anyways, River is my favorite character. xD She's awesome, independent, and she just kicks ass. I've just never been too fond of the eleventh doctor, which is why I'm a bit excited for the new doctor XD

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Matt Smith's acting as the Doctor, he does a brilliant job, I just don't feel the whole "Doctor being so young" thing. I grew up on Classic Who, so when the doctor was suddenly so young and attractive, I was a little taken aback XD I just think that River could do much better than to meddle with a time traveler who would move on in a few decades anyways.

I'm 23, I live in Chicago, and my favorite doctors are Fourth and Ninth. I'm also a big Rose fan, although I'm not sure if I could RP as her. River is the only character I know well. :PIt may be some time before I make another character.

Anyways, other than Wholock stuff, I really enjoy Supernatural and I'm getting into Attack on Titan. I also REALLY enjoyed Breaking Bad, a bit too much really.

I'm super shy, so it might take some time for me to post a picture up. But I will be around! :3
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Re: Behind the Character

Post by Ben Cross on Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:47 pm

Hey, Fayt here, I'm 28 and all the way from sunny England! As above, I found the site while looking through advertisements on another forum and thought it looked pretty cool!

Although I consider myself a whovian, I've never gotten around to watching Sherlock. I do like the older series, but I can't remember who was in it now. I also enjoy video games, such as the Sims 2, Pokemon (I know and don't care), Skyrim and Final Fantasy. I also enjoy shows such as Charmed, Star Trek, NCIS and A&E type programs.

I am also an animal lover and currently have four living with me. That's two guinea pigs, a rat and a crested gecko. Oh, and despite the jokes in the IC chat box, I actually can't stand pears Wink

As for favourite doctors, that's a tough one. I would probably say the fourth, seventh, war, ninth, tenth and eleventh, but I haven't seen enough of the rest to really make a judgement. That is of course in numerical order and not in order of favourites, as like I say it's really quite hard to pick.
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Re: Behind the Character

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:01 am


My name's Malia. I'm 18 years old, currently going to school, and seeking employment. Because bills -_- Anyways, I have one character on here, the lovely Molly Hooper. I haven't ever been on a site like this. I've been rp-ing for a few years, but it was either on Gaia or Tumblr, so... If I make a mistake, don't kill me! Or at least do it gently(:

I'm a huge Whovian and Sherlock...-ian? Gotta say that Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, and the Ponds are my favorite companions, so... I'm really trying to get over all the pain of the Eleventh-era being gone, because right now I just want to never watch it again and go on pretending that the Doctor never regenerated and somehow Amy and Rory reunited with him and partied with Clara. Haha.

As for Sherlock, my love for that show has not changed! I'm a huge shipper of Sherlolly, especially after Season 3, but when it comes to rp-ing, I usually just go with My Character/Chemistry.

Uh... I'm trying to think of other things... I have a kitten named Khaleesi and she's a pain in my ass? Ooh, also. I'm going to school to be a screenwriter. Even though that involves moving to the very hot, very polluted Los Angeles at one point(:


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Re: Behind the Character

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