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The Tenth Doctor's Tracker

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The Tenth Doctor's Tracker

Post by The Tenth Doctor on Sat May 10, 2014 2:33 pm

Strange Haze
Status Closed
Participants The Pariah
Summary Pariah calls on The Doctor for aid on a situation he answers after having run from some Samurai who were trying to kill him. The situation he ran into was bad, The Silence had found The Pariah.

Our Songs Are Ending
Status Closed
Participants The Pariah/Siren
Summary The Pariah regenerates after killing a bunch of the Daleks and The Doctor deals with the reprcussions of her death as well as he can.

Angry Encounters
Status Closed
Participants Madame Verada
Summary The Doctor encounters some enemies in the form of Madame Verada. He has a very agitated talk with her and threatens her because she threatened Demory.

Shades of the Past
Status Closed
Participants Rose Tyler, Donna Noble
Summary Something went wibbly in the TARDIS and The Doctor needs help then Rose and Donna both show up at his TARDIS and he tries to fix it while they snark at one another.

Tick Tock
Status Closed
Participants The Pariah, Amadeus
Summary Amadeus takes Demory and torments her which angers The Doctor, he does his best to save The Pariah from the danger that Amadeus presents. Because The Doctor loves The Pariah very much.

Another Day Another Story
Status Closed
Participants John Watson, Sherlock Holmes
Summary The Doctor appears in 221B Baker Street, where Sherlock and John were talking and the TARDIS takes him there on accident and he ends up doing some very stupid things.

Good Angel, Bad Angel
Status Closed
Participants Aislinn
Summary The Doctor arrives at an old Church and he investigates the Weeping Angels that are said to be around and meets the Nephilim Aislinn.

[M] Reconnected
Status Closed
Participants The Pariah
Summary The Pariah and The Doctor enjoy some intimate time together and begin to have fun with one another. After they survive a Silence attack.

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