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Amitiel Empty Amitiel

Post by Guest on Wed May 07, 2014 9:15 pm

Amitiel Original
“My Duty is to my Heart.”

Amitiel Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500
Full Name: Amitiel
Aliases: Amy
Age: Ageless
Occupation: Angel of Truth
Species: Angel
Face Claim: Nina Dobrev

Amitiel Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Wandering
Personality: Amitiel is a woman who is still very much in conflict with herself and she is one that feels that her duty is to her heart. She loves Metatron and still cares deeply for him and her son Adriel, but she also feels that she needed to have Aislinn. Amitiel has always done what she has thought best even when it was not so. Her duties as an angel of truth were simple enough but she has not been active for a very long time due to why she disappeared.

She ahs changed due to her time in Hell, she has changed in many ways. There is still the fact that she is an angel and the fact that her children are alive. Her children are the whole reason that she survived Hell intact, her love for them is what let her survive the torment. Amitiel is very much the type of woman that has strength and it was barely that she survived not caving into what they were doing.
Appearance: Amitiel Original

Amitiel Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: God
Siblings: Angels
Important Figures: Adriel, Aislinn, Josiah, Metatron, Noah Zayden
Home Town/Planet: Heaven
Angelic Possession - The seraphim of Heaven require vessels to manifest physically on Earth, and, like all angels, they must bear their consent.
Immortality - Seraphs, like all angels, by nature, can't die by any natural means of death. They are impervious to bullets, knives, bombs, and any other conventional human ways of killing.
Superhuman Stamina - Seraphs never tire or get fatigued. As such, they do not require food, sleep, or oxygen.
Teleportation - Seraphs can teleport to one place to another instantly. One seraph, Castiel, was able to poke into Lucifer's Cage and grab Sam, but couldn't get his soul from the grasp of Lucifer and Michael.
Super Strength - As a higher species of angel, seraphs are extremely strong. They can lift at least 2,000 pounds, as demonstrated by Castiel, and overpower and destroy humans, spirits, highest tier of demons, monsters (as well as Alphas), and low-tier angels, but are completely inferior against Archangels. Seraphs are also strong enough to fight two Leviathans for at least a short time when other angels are easily overpowered by them. Castiel lifted an anvil that weighed a ton, without effort and was able to rupture a stone wall just by touching it.
Biokinesis - Seraphs manipulate or influence a mortal's body, such as inflict pain down to the molecular level, like causing internal bleeding, removal of lungs, and hemorrhages.
Telepathy - Seraphs can easily read the minds of humans, and lower Angels, such as cupids.
Advanced Pyrokinesis - Seraphs can generate and manipulate fire.
Advanced Healing - Seraphs can heal others from severe wounds and diseases and even monster infections with ease. Castiel was able to regrow a cut-off finger on a human. However, some things are beyond their power to heal as when Sam Winchester was damaged on a subatomic level from his trials, Castiel said it was beyond his power to fix.
Resurrection - Seraphs can lift the deceased from death, as one of them brought Adam back to life, and another brought Bobby Singer back.
Invisibility - Seraphs can become invisible to humans.
Advanced Smiting - This ability was shown by Castiel when he kills Lenore and a monster in Purgatory as well as several demons. When Castiel battled two Leviathan in Purgatory he put his palm on one of the the Leviathan's forehead, but it quickly pushed him away. It's unknown if Seraphim can hurt Leviathan this way. Castiel also appeared to be able to kill the King of Hell Crowley with this power, even in a weakened state as he fled when Castiel appeared about to use it on him. The power burns out the eyes of the being it is used on and liquifies their organs.
Dream Walking - Same as Angels Seraphs can also enter humans dreams demonstrated by Zachariah when he appeared in Adam's dream
Regeneration - If their vessel is in some way injured, Seraphs can regenerate very quickly, though wounds caused by angel weapons take longer. They are immune to Earthly diseases.
Advanced Chronokinesis - Seraphs can travel through time, with greater ease than lower angels, and they are also able to send others either forward or backwards through time, with the same ease. They can send others through time without having to travel with them as well.
Reality Warping - Seraphs possess low level reality warping abilities, Castiel was able to assemble a game by simply shaking the box. Zachariah was able to undo all the damage Dean did to the Green Room, in a blink.
Mental Manipulation - Seraphs can manipulate, erase or restore a person's perceptions and memories of events. Zachariah was able to block Dean and Sam's true memories and implant false ones. He was later able to restore their true memories. Castiel was able to erase Lisa and Ben's memories of Dean and later show Dean the true version of what happened when he escaped Purgatory. He was also able to transfer Sam's madness into his own mind. They can even enter a person's mind and bring others inside that mental world, but require physical contact with both people to do so.
Soul Reading/Channeling - One seraph has shown the ability to read a person's soul to check the marker another angel had left there, see if there is a soul there and check the state of the soul. He has also displayed the ability to channel power from a human soul, though this had to be done very gingerly and could result in the death of the human if done wrong.
Power Removal - Seraphs are capable of removing powers from empowered humans, however, it can leave them mentally damaged to do so and is very painful to the individual losing the power.
Angel blade - As demonstrated when Dean stabs and kills Zachariah.
Angel-Banishing Sigil - When activated, such a mark can temporarily banish Seraphim.
Archangels - As angelic beings found on the highest echelon of the heavenly host, archangels can easily kill seraphs. Raphael, who was much weaker than Michael, certainly enjoyed and took his time beating the seraph Castiel to a bloody pulp, effortlessly. When Castiel was so beat up he was immobilized, Raphael was about to kill him when Balthazar intervened. Zachariah believed that when Michael came to give him a second chance, he was going to kill him and didn't even try to fight back.
Leviathan - Being older than angels in general, leviathans are able to overpower seraphim and prevent them from usng their abilities such a teleportation when they want. However, Seraphs are somewhat capable of holding their own against the Old Ones.
Common Angelic Weaknesses - They are vulnerable to Holy Oil, Heaven's weapons, etc.

  • Born in Heaven alongside many angels and grew with them
  • Grew in love with Metatron and had a child with him whom she named Adriel
  • Fled from Heaven when she heard of the war brewing because she feared for her loved ones, most especially Metatron. She concieved a Nephilim with a human named Josiah Adams.
  • Demons attempted to take Aislinn so she was taken prisoner and kept hidden by Crowley and Raptus who tortured her for many years.
  • Recently was released by a Demon named Mara and has been on the Search for her daughter quietly.

Amitiel Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: You know by now
Other Characters: The Ninth Doctor, Dean Winchester, Mara, Captain Jack Harkness, Gabriel, Ben Braeden, Susan Foreman, Charlotte Asher, Azazel, Noah Zayden, The Tenth Doctor
Source: Been here a while

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.


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Amitiel Empty Re: Amitiel

Post by Guest on Wed May 07, 2014 9:20 pm



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