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Rhiannon Vale

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Rhiannon Vale

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:01 am

“I never wanted to become this.”

Full Name: Rhiannon Vale
Aliases: Annie, Alpha, Princess
Age: 18
Occupation: Alpha Female
Species: Phoenix
Face Claim: Emilia Clarke

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Wanders
Personality: Rhiannon is very quiet, timid, and shy. She doesn't assert herself into situations usually and finds herself to be very afraid of her powers. She doesn't understand what it means to be a phoenix, considering herself to be a monster. She is untrusting of most people, especially hunters. She does not want to be tortured or punished for something she did not choose for herself, and she knows that one day she may be sent into Purgatory just for being a "monster".

She has a strong devotion to animals and nature, and does everything she can not to harm anyone or anything around her, especially to make sure that people are not suspicious of her being a monster. At times, she cannot control her powers and she is afraid to get too close or attached to anyone, in fear of harming them or catching anything on fire. She truly believes she is a walking disaster.

Parents: Biological unknown - Raised by Order of the Firebird priestess Toya de Manibus.
Siblings: None
Important Figures: none
Home Town/Planet: Charlevoix, Michigan, USA
Curse of the beast - by combining the ashes with the blood in an open cut of the victim, that person will them be converted into a phoenix.
Incineration by touch - A Phoenix can incinerate anyone/anything with a single touch, their ability is so strong, they can reduce a whole man to ashes in seconds.
Immortality - A Phoenix is immortal, meaning that it does not age at all. A Phoenix is immune to death by natural causes and aging. Based on Elias's comments, it seems before the Colt, there was no known way to kill a Phoenix, although the fact it was known that they combust upon death, implies there are other ways to kill them.
Invulnerability - Phoenixes are nearly completely invulnerable, they can take repeated shots in the chest and not even react. Although significant force, such as being hanged can knock them out for a while.
Superhuman Strength - Phoenixes are incredibly strong. One Phoenix was strong enough to break out of its coffin, after it had been nailed down and buried.
Regeneration - Phoenixes can heal/regenerate from any and all non fatal injuries.
Shapeshifting - The Phoenix can take human form to conceal its true form, which is bird-like.
The Colt - Since this gun was created to kill almost anything, a Phoenix can be killed using the Colt. Which Dean does in a showdown.
Iron - Dean figures out that a Phoenix can't touch Iron, as like many creatures, it burns their flesh, it also couldn't escape iron handcuffs.
History: Rhiannon was hatched from a phoenix egg and given the surname "Vale" as an honor to all other phoenixes. She was raised by a cult known as the "Order of the Firebird", in which they raised her very strictly. They raised several phoenixes like this in order to then find out which one would be chosen to be the "Phoenix Princess".

Rhiannon was then forced to fight against the many other phoenixes that were raised with her. Whoever was to win was to be chosen for the ceremony. She was forced to kill her own sisters, and when she became victorious, she was then brought to the ritual room. When they had invited Rhiannon to step to the alter, she was very skeptical and even afraid when she had arrived, and when she had stepped up, the priestess had shouted that she was the one chosen to become the new princess. She was tied down on the alter as candles were lit around her. Her blood was drawn and the ashes were then spread across her lacerated body. In fear, she spontaneously combusted, and appeared in the ashes, her once brown hair ash white, proving she was meant to be the alpha female of the phoenixes.

She was then held captive for her entire life, being force fed and kept in a cage while at the same time being worshipped. She felt like a slave and wanted nothing to do with the cult and just wanted to escape from this life. The iron cage was a weakness though, keeping her imprisoned. She was to mate with the alpha male who was victorious against the male phoenixes, but she did not want to have this fate. One night, while the guard was asleep, she managed to reach for his keys and unlock the door, transforming into her bird form and escaping from the facility. She ran as far away as she could, getting away from anyone and everyone associated with that cult.

Nickname: Mary
Contact Information: PM or Skype
Other Characters: Demorytor, The Mistress, The Pariah, Siren, Aislinn, Sam Winchester, Reagan Asher, Marigold
Source: my site

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Re: Rhiannon Vale

Post by The Ninth Doctor on Tue Apr 01, 2014 2:23 pm

Aren't you fascinating.
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