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Damon Ryder

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Damon Ryder

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:06 pm

"What do you want?”

Full Name: Damon Ryder
Aliases: Skoll, Wolf, Ryder
Age: 18
Occupation: Gun Smith at an Army Surplus, pack leader (formerly)
Species: Skinwalker
Face Claim: Christopher Pine

Sexual Preference: Bisexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: North Carolina, USA
Personality: Ever since he was bitten and infected, Damon has been quite withdrawn, keeping to himself. He knows what he is, but he tries to hide it as best he can. He doesn’t speak much, and has some trust issues. He isn’t very comfortable in a room with many people, and that would usually be when he shifts into his canine form. He tries to deny himself of human hearts as much as he can, but always ends up slipping up once in a while. Damon doesn’t like what he’s been forced to be, but he’s learnt to live with it. Handling and fixing guns calms him down because it is something that is familiar and normal for him.
Human form:

Canine form: (Due to the fact that he still quite young, his canine form is still not full grown.

Parents: Sebastian Ryder (father; deceased), Cynthia Cox (mother; deceased)
Siblings: Jenna Ryder (sister; missing)
Important Figures: Jaqueline Piers//Pandora
Home Town/Planet: Houston, Texas, United Stated of America

Enhanced Strength – Their strength seems to be greater than the average human’s, as in its dog form it was able to kill humans. Their strength appears to increase with rank (much like vampires), as the Pack Leader was able to beat Lucky around with no difficulties. It seems that it’s only in their canine form that they possess their strength, as when confronted by Sam, Lucky chose to run rather than fight.
Super Speed – Skinwalkers, in their animal form, can run and move faster than humans.
Accelerated Healing – They appear to be able to heal themselves much faster than humans. A skinwalker was hit by a minivan, but when he returned back to his human form, he appeared to have no physical harm. The same skinwalker was shot with a bullet later, but the wound healed extremely quickly.
Invulnerability – Like many other shapeshifters, Skinwalkers can only be killed by silver bullets to the heart or head. They can, however, be injured.
Super Senses – They can smell far better than humans, in either form. Using this ability, they can tell if they are being followed or if someone is in the vicinity, within an approximate range of 100 yards or more. Also, a skinwalker’s hearing is comparable to that of a dog.
Infectious Bite – Like Werewolves, Skinwalkers possess a poisonous bite; if someone is bitten by a Skinwalker, he or she will also become a Skinwalker.
Shape-shifting – Like Werewolves, Skinwalkers possess the ability to transform into canines. Unlike Werewolves, however, Skinwalkers transform completely into an animal rather than a hybrid man/wolf creature. Skinwalkers can change from their human to animal forms anytime without a full moon.
Guns - Damon is very good with guns, do to his current job and past experience.
Silver – Like all other shapeshifters, Skinwalkers are vulnerable to and can only be killed by weapons made of silver. Either a silver bullet or knife in its heart or head will kill it.
Significant Damage – Apparently they can die if significant damage has been caused, as when the Pack Leader tried to rip Lucky apart.
History: Damon was Sebastian and Cynthia’s first born. Sebastian was a gun smith, and owned his own little shop, and quickly taught his son how to handle firearms. Damon absorbed whatever his father taught him, and soon helped him in the back of his shop. For Damon’s 10th birthday, a few years after his little sister, Jenna, was born, Sebastian bought him a beagle, which they named Pandora. Damon loved that dog as if she was a sister, and they spent every moment they could together. Pandora seemed to be devoted to Damon, as she would follow only his commands.

One year later, Damon was coming home from school. Usually, Pnadora would wait for him at his bus stop, but she wasn’t there that day. Feeling slightly worried, Damon ran to his house, only to discover his mother and father dead on the ground, their hearts removed from their bodies. Jenna was nowhere to be found. Damon caught sight of Pandora, and couldn’t believe it when he saw her chewing at what looked like a bloody heart. When the dog realized the boy was watching, she jumped up and bit him. A few minutes later, in Pandora’s place was a short woman with wild brown hair. She told him that she’d saved him and given him a life people would kill to have. She wanted him to come meet her pack, and Damon had no other choice, since she practically dragged him to them.

The Pack Leader accepted him into his ranks, despite the fact his canine form was just a pup. He joined other kids and learned how to use his form to his advantage. After a few years however, he ran away, getting a job at an Army Surplus as a gun smith. He returned later with a handgun full of silver bullets. He found the Pack Leader sleeping in his canine form, as he often did, and shot him twice; once in the head and once in the heart. The Pack Leader reverted to his human form, and Damon sat in the room until some pack members found him with their dead Pack Leader. Pandora, who’s real name was Jaqueline Piers, then announced that he was the new Pack Leader, seeing as he’d defeated the old one. There were many protests, and some members left the pack, but soon, Damon was accepted as their leader.

Now Damon didn’t want to be a skinwalker, let alone a Pack Leader. So after a few weeks of this, he ran away once more, going back to North Carolina to work at the Army Surplus. His pack members never came looking for him, and he has be working there ever since.

Nickname: Kudos~
Contact Information: Pm or Skype
Other Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, Sherlock Holmes, Castiel, Michael, Jayden Asher
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Re: Damon Ryder

Post by The Ninth Doctor on Mon Mar 24, 2014 6:51 pm


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