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Devilish Grins // OPEN Empty Devilish Grins // OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:20 am

When Alessandra had been given the okay to wander through Earth, she was eager to see what her abilities had in store for her. Although she'd have to wait some time before running into her dear sister who decided to take the easy way out and become an angel, Alessandra was surprisingly patient, not being in any hurry to spoil her time. She figured she might as well have some fun before she decide to go ahead and cause an uproar with the Winchesters, angels, and prophetess.

She found herself on the East Coast, in a very forested area where dirt roads were prominent and people felt no need to lock their doors because of how well everyone knew each other. Alessandra decided she could have fun with this. As she had decided to head into one of the bars that afternoon, she noticed that the people were minding their own business, talking amongst their friends. Sitting at the bar, she ordered a drink.

With a smirk on her face as people began to approach her, asking if she was new, she put on the lost girl act, saying that she didn't know where she was or where she was going. She had to choose followers wisely of course, and the best way to do that was by gaining their trust and going home with them. Looking around the area for someone who stood out the most, a devilish grin came over her. She was eager to start her work.


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Post by Guest on Fri Mar 28, 2014 9:28 pm

Azazel had often wondered why he hadn't ever just walked around among people, he usually had a scheme but now that his Father was back he could do so much more and yet so much less. Azazel had found that he didn't get as much of a kick out of his plans since Lucifer's return he knew that his Father would soon fall at the hands of Michael but he would make sure the wounds to Michael were lethal as well. Azazel would not let his Father fall without a fight from him to try and get vengence. He sighed as he started off to try and find something to do with his day.

He had decided that staying low and keeping to himself as probably a good idea and he had done just that. For once he hid his eyes, he kept the yellow of them hidden behind the brown of his meat suit. He didn't want to let anyone know at least not here at this place that he was out of th ordinary until he spotted someone that was familar to him. With her in his sights he walked over to her and sat down next to her trying to play into the whole act she seemed to have going.

"You all right miss? Looking for anyone?" He asked a knowing smirk on his face but he didn't want to let this bumpkins know he knew anything. Then under his breath when no one was nearby he murmured, "You know that these people are probably some of the hardest to sway don't you?" Azazel muttered then took a drink of the alcohol he had, he knew that it wouldn't affect him he was like so many other creatures of the supernatural what humans called an expensive drunk.


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Post by Guest on Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:25 am

As she continued to attempt, she sat down at the bar as she had began to converse with a young man who was quite the looker. As they continued to talk though, she felt a familiar presence come about into the bar and come closer to her. Ending their conversation temporarily, she turned her head to see Azazel sitting down next to her. Raising her eyebrow and smiling as he had asked her if he was looking for anyone, she shrugged.

Then hearing what he had to say about these people having been harder than usual to try and fool, she chuckled lightly as she spoke lowly to him. "That's the fun of it all. I want to see if the charm of a young, fair woman can easily tempt their minds. Some men are eager to take what they can get," she purred as she looked around the room at the people.

Ah, where was she to start? She couldn't quite figure out which ones would be promising. Since this was an entirely new location for her, she had would have to converse with several of them to learn more about them, seeing what their devotion was. Thankfully for her, sleeping with someone was enough to get into their dreams and make them heavily attracted.


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