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Kraven Stirling

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Kraven Stirling Empty Kraven Stirling

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:37 pm

Kraven Stirling 968full-tom-hiddleston
    “fear the reaper”

Kraven Stirling Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500
Full Name: Kraven Stirling
   Aliases: The Raven, Stirling, Krav
   Age: 29 Years
   Occupation: Reaper
   Species: Reaper
   Face Claim: Tom Hiddleston

Kraven Stirling Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

   Sexual Preference: Bisexual
   Marital Status: Single
   Current Residence: Anywhere
   Personality: Kraven is a rather keep to himself kind of reaper, though he does enjoy keeping up a conversation with the souls he's about to take. He is not quick to anger but thinks highly of himself.

Kraven Stirling Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

   Parents: None
   Siblings: None
   Important Figures: Angels, Reapers, Death, etc.
   Home Town/Planet: Various
Invisibility - Reapers are naturally invisible to the naked-eye, unless they are dealing with the deceased. Beings with supernatural perception like angels and demons are capable of bypassing this skill and see reapers with clarity.
Supernatural Perception - They can see ghosts, especially the ghosts of whom they are about to reap.
Teleportation and flying - Reapers can appear anywhere on the Earth, including in human minds. They can also travel to Heaven, Purgatory and Hell with ease. It is also possible for them to take living humans with them, although it runs counter to their role in the natural order, and is therefore offered only by rogue reapers.
Resurrection - Reapers are capable of reviving the dead, though their dedication to the natural order usually prevents them to.
Cosmic Awareness - Reapers are incredibly knowledgeable, aware of at what point all people are supposed to die, as well as what lives are going to be created. They also understand many concepts, including the limits of power.
Time manipulation - Reapers are able to stop time, causing objects that measure time to permanently break.
Astral projection - Reapers can project their astral form, similar to the angels.
Super Stamina - Reapers do not grow tired, and will never leave their victims, unless a supernatural event disturbs them. However they do sometimes eat for pleasure.
Invulnerability - The only two known ways to kill a Reaper is with the scythe of Death and a special incantation or an Angel Blade.
Killing Touch - Reapers can kill any being by touching them, except more powerful beings (These beings including God, the Four Horsemen, the Archangels, or Leviathans and even Angels and Seraphs).
Telekinesis - Able to move things with their mind.
Immortality - Reapers are not subjected to hunger, disease, or age.
Flight - In their true form, they have the ability to fly and/or levitate.
Perception Altering - By this ability, reapers are able to change their appearance before spirits to hide their true, more frightening form. This allows reapers to make people see what they want them to see, and enables the reapers to communicate more effectively with their targets.
Memory Manipulation- Reapers can make mortals forget things and can also restore memories.
Intangibility - In their true form, they are like ghosts, and can phase through solid matter without any kind of injuries.
Electromagnetic Interference - The appearance of a Reaper can cause lights in a room to flicker or go out.
Wind Manipulation - A reaper's arrival can cause sudden gusts of wind.
Biokinesis - Reapers can manipulate human biology, one angry Reaper, once infected a person with a mental condition, giving them an early death in revenge.
Possession - Reapers are shown to able to possess humans. However this seemingly makes them weaker.
   History: Kraven is an employee of Death, one of his many reapers destined to collect the souls of the dead. He has been doing this for many a century, but he isn't one of the oldest Reapers. Plenty have surpassed him in experience by age, but he still doesn't think himself lowly. He does his job as instructed, avoiding angels left and right as he must to avoid being killed. Otherwise Kraven roams the earth, following those who are doomed to the touch of a reaper, doomed to be guided away from the life they once knew.

Kraven Stirling Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

   Nickname: Kaz
   Contact Information: Email, or PM
   Other Characters: Amy Pond, Meta-Crisis, and The Master
   Source: Been here

   Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.


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Kraven Stirling Empty Re: Kraven Stirling

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:40 pm

Ah hello, Kraven. It's nice to run into you again. Hopefully the natural order of things are still in flow!

Approved! Add yourself to the who's who and face claim.


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