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Post by Guest on Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:08 pm

“"Think of a million random acts of chance that let John and Mary be born, to meet, to fall in love, to have the two of you. Think of the million random choices that you make, and yet how each and every one of them brings you closer to your destiny. Do you know why that is? Because it's not random, it's not chance. It's a plan that is playing itself out perfectly. Free will's an illusion.”

Full Name: Michael
Aliases: The Warrior, Daddy's Boy
Age: Ageless
Occupation: Viceroy of Heaven, Commander of God's Army (formerly)
Species: Archangel
Face Claim: Jake Abel

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Free
Current Residence: Heaven
Michael is the typical daddy's boy, though nobody has really had the courage to say it to his face yet. Other than his brothers, the Archangels, of course. He is completely devoted to his Father, doing anything for him. Even if it means killing someone he loves. He never lost faith in God, even when he left. Because of his complete faith and love for God, he does not believe in freewill, not even for himself.

He feels love for his brothers, but more so for Lucifer. He basically raised Lucifer himself, giving things to his brother no one else could ever understand. He doesn't ever want to hurt Lucifer, but his job commands it. He is also very angry with Lucifer, blaming him for the disappearance of their Father and the disruption of the peace.

Michael is a strict, natural born, leader. He leads a strong hierarchy in Heaven, and enforces the rules he put down regularly. Traitors are often punished by death, and recieve no mercy from the Archangel. His methods sometimes go a little too far, verging on the edge of darkness.

Parents: God
Siblings: Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel
Important Figures: God, Lucifer
Home Town/Planet:

Nigh-Omnipotence - Being the first and oldest Archangel, Michael is one of the most powerful beings in existence, surpassing even his younger brother Lucifer. He can do and create almost anything out of nothingness. For instance, he killed Anna with a fiery touch, and sent Uriel back to Heaven with a snap of his fingers. It was said that if Michael got his chance to battle Lucifer, their fight alone would destroy a large portion of the planet as collateral damage. His power is so vast and so feared that Castiel, even while empowered by millions of souls, showed an open concern in ensuring that Michael remained sealed within the Cage, suggesting that despite Castiel's extremely enhanced state, Michael, either by himself or together with Lucifer, would still be able to defeat Castiel.
Angelic Possession - Michael requires a vessel to act on Earth, and he must have the vessel's permission. His power can only be contained by someone descended from Cain and Abel. Dean Winchester is his true vessel.
Immortality - Michael has an indefinitely long lifespan. His vessel doesn't weaken or age over time. He is not affected by diseases or toxins, and he does not require food, water, sleep or oxygen to sustain his vessel.
Invulnerability - Michael is next to indestructible and cannot be killed by any conventional weapon. Even Holy Fire was only able to banish him for a short time. Only God, Death, an Archangel (including Lucifer) and an Archangel Blade are capable of killing Michael.
Immunity - Michael was resilient to Holy Fire, although he still found it agonizing, damaging and able to banish him; unlike other angels, it couldn't kill him.
Regeneration - If his vessel becomes damaged in any way, he is able to heal it instantly and completely. For instance, his whole vessel Adam was set ablaze by Holy Fire, but upon his return minutes later, he didn't have a scratch either on his skin or even his clothing.
Apporting - Michael could send angels back to Heaven with a simple snap of his fingers.
Supernatural Strength - Being the oldest and most powerful Archangel, the physical strength that Michael endows his vessel with is immense. He can overpower and kill almost anything from top-level demons to any lesser angels, seraphs, pagan deities, monsters, ghosts and humans. His immense strength and powers are only somewhat rivaled by Lucifer's own, as the demon who was possessing Bobby at the time called Michael "The toughest sumbitch they got."
Superhuman Stamina - As an Archangel, Michael's stamina is incalculable and needs nothing to maintain strength, to strive or operate, as he is self-sufficient.
Weather Manipulation - Michael's control over the weather exceeds even his own brothers. Upon arriving on Earth to John Winchester, he caused sudden severe winds.
Advanced Chronokinesis - Michael has complete control over time. He sends Sam and Dean from the past to the present with ease.
Advanced Telekinesis - Michael is a powerful telekinetic, able to move and control objects with his mind effortlessly; he was even able to move objects in areas where he hadn't fully arrived. He demonstrated this when he closed and locked the door to the beautiful room when Adam tried to escape it.
Advanced Healing - Michael can easily heal others of any injury, wounds and diseases.
Resurrection - Michael can resurrect humans, angels and other creatures with ease.
Mental Manipulation - Michael can erase, restore, alter and fabricate the memories and perception of a human.
Sedation - Just like an average angel, Michael can sedate humans by touching their forehead.
Teleportation - Michael can travel from one place to another instantly, without occupying the space in between. He can also take people with him, in the blink of an eye. Although he can travel virtually anywhere in existence, he is unable to leave Lucifer's Cage once the door is closed, as it was designed to hold an Archangel. Oddly, Zachariah had to use a chant to call him to the green room, where Dean was being held, though it was likely a way to contact him.
Advanced Pyrokinesis - Michael can generate and manipulate fire. When he used this ability to kill Anna, it destroyed the angel and the vessel, turning the latter into nothing but ash, suggesting the fire is spiritual as well as physical.
Thermokinesis - He made the door knob to the beautiful room extremely hot to prevent Dean from being able to open it and save Adam.
White Light - Michael can generate an overwhelming white light that is capable of obliterating anything from other living things to entire cities and buildings. With this power, he can destroy a large part of Earth.
Cosmic Knowledge - Michael has a tremendous knowledge of the universe. His knowledge exceeds even that of Lucifer's.
Precognition - Michael can see into the future, but not the full picture.
Supernatural Perception - Michael can sense and see things even if they're naturally invisible.
Terrakinesis - Michael is able to cause powerful earthquakes by thought or presence alone.
Michael was the first of God's Archangels. He developped a strong relationship with his broher Lucifer, giving him things no one could even begin to imagine. When Lucifer rejected his duty and turned on Heaven, Michael was slightly devasted. His devastation quickly turned to anger, which only flared when their Father disappeared. He blamed Lucifer for distrubing the peace they had and driving God away.

But pushing his emotions aside, he took over Heaven, leading the angels with strict authority. He eagerly waited for the day when Lucifer would be freed from his cage so that he could finally end his brother's existence.

Nickname: Kudos.
Contact Information: PM or Skype
Other Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, Rose Tyler, Sherlock Holmes, Castiel
Source: I'm an admin

Roleplay Sample: Michael gazed down at Adam Milligan. He was not ideal, Michael had been cheated out of getting Dean as his vessel. But what choice did he have? Lucifer had to be stopped. So, the next best choice was Adam. WILL YOU ACCEPT, OR WILL I HAVE TO PERSUADE YOU? he thundered. Adam shook as he spoke, looking around in fear. "N-No! It's fine! You had me conviced before anyways! It was Dean and Sam that stopped me. I accept to be your vessel." the boy managed out.

Feeling a deep satisfaction that he'd finally be able to confront his brother, he entered the boy. Once he'd settled, he smiled smugly and looked down at himself. "It's been too long..." he murmured before disappearing.


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Re: Michael

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 11, 2014 9:23 pm

Brother... I am so pleased of your safe return... if you could spare a moment, I must speak to you...


ACCEPTED! Add yourself to who's who and face claim~


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