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Azazel Empty Azazel

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 10, 2014 9:33 pm

Azazel 443610-a
“It is so good to hear your voice, Padre. I have been searching for you for so long. You have no idea. The others have lost faith. Dickless heathens! But not me.”

Azazel Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500
Full Name: Azazel
Aliases: The Demon, The Yellow Eyed Demon, Yellow Eyes
Age: Unknown
Occupation: Servant of Lucifer
Species: Demon
Face Claim: Fredric Lehne

Azazel Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: SIngle
Current Residence: Hell
Personality: Azazel is very angry and very vengeful over his own enternal damnation, he takes great pleasure in inflicting pain it doesn't matter what kind of pain either. He has a very sadistic sense of humor, he likes to play with his victims emotions by convincing them that their worse fears were true before killing them. His signature method of murder is exceptionally vicious: he telekinetically pins his victims to the ceiling, slitting their stomachs open and burning them alive while ensuring that their husbands witnessed their death. Strangely, unlike most other demons, Azazel only rarely kills when it's not necessary as he does not kill the parents of his special children when they did not interrupt his blood rituals. He even feels that Mary's death was simply bad luck. However Azazel has no regard for human life and frequently will use murder to motivate the actions of his target as shown when he orders the death of Jessica to ensure Sam witnesses her death to get Sam hunting again. Or the slaughter of nuns for hiim to contact Lucifer. He will often gloat to his victims often monologuing about his victory before killing them.

Azazel is very smug and self-assured of his own power. His arrogance compelled him to endanger his own life simply for the sake of making a point. He prefers to torment his targets and make them suffer. He will do things that make them squirm over being direct and demanding things be given to him or taking them by force. Aazel is very manipulative and cunning, he is quite good at getting what he wants no matter the necessary means. He is very much one to get what he wants no matter what.

He is quick on his feet and will modify his plans to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, such as the death of his favorite special child and survival of another and then again when the reverse unexpectedly occured. He relished bending others to his will, to the point that he favored Sam out of all of his special children. He has the goal of corrupting Sam's kind-hearted nature. He is also very skilled at manipulation and corruption, successfully convincing several people to give in to their powers and kill innocent people to further their goals.

To Azazel he views his fellow demons as his famliy; he genuinely regards his followers as his children and is enraged whenever they get hurt. Most demons that know him fear him but that is because of how cold he is to those not completely loyal to their father, Lucifer, whom he always believed in and will follow his every command. He believes all those that are non believers as dickless heathens. He is very devoted to freeing Lucifer and to having his Father return.

Despite his arrogance he does have come caution when dealing with a more powerful foe such as angels. He is also cunning enough to hide his tracks from the angel grunts of heaven, he was thorough because he needed to be. He is one that will take caution with everything and would rather not be put in direct line of trouble unless he has to be.
Appearance: Azazel Azazel_l

Azazel Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: Lucifer
Siblings: All Demons
Important Figures:
Home Town/Planet:
Demonic Possession - He often possessed humans to manifest, though on one notable occasion he possessed a reaper - a feat that has not since been accomplished (on-screen) by any other being. His hosts tended to be older white males. The only way to confirm his presence within his host was when he turned their eyes a bright, slitted yellow.
Super Strength - He enhanced his host's physical strength and stamina to a superhuman level, to an even greater extent than other demons do, he was able to casually overpower humans, demons, and even ghosts (although John was able to briefly hold him in place).
Advanced Telekinesis - He could move people and objects using only his mind, he was very skilled with this ability, able to use it on multiple targets at once, restraining them so they couldn't even cry out for help, and throwing grown men considerable distances, by flicking his wrist.
Biokinesis - He demonstrated the ability to psychically injure humans, even inducing fatal internal bleeding with a mere glare. One of the omens of Azazel's arrival also included mass cattle deaths.
Pyrokinesis - He could generate and manipulate fire. His power over fire was extensive enough that he could render entire buildings ablaze in minutes or even seconds.
Immunity - Azazel was immune to several demonic weaknesses, he was immune to Holy Water, Salt and was able to walk on holy ground.
Invulnerability - He could not be harmed by conventional weapons or methods, gun blasts and flames barely affected him. The only known weapon with the power to kill him is The Colt.
Immortality - Azazel was able to potentially live forever, he was thousands of years old when he died.
Resurrection - He was able to resurrect dying or dead humans, though he had to first make a deal with a living human, he explicitly stated that he couldn't resurrect people unless a deal was made, dismissing it as "red tape".
Super Stamina - Azazel did not require food, water, oxygen, or sleep to sustain himself.
Reality Warping - He could alter the world around him in the context of a demonic deal. Unlike all other demons, he did not require a soul to power the deals he made. However, he still had to obey the rules of the demonic soul deals. As he said in reference to Sam's resurrection at the end of Season 2, "You see, demons can't resurrect people unless a deal is made. I know, red tape--it'll make you nuts."
Teleportation - He could travel instantly from one place to another including hell and earth without occupying the space in between, he was quick enough to use this to avoid bullets. He was able to move fast enough to kidnap Sam and remove him in seconds.
Dream Walking - He could enter others' dreams, he used this ability to enter the dreams of his special children when they were asleep in "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 1" and "All Hell Breaks Loose - Part 2". He was mentioned as having done so in "Simon Said" and "Hunted".
Weather Manipulation - As great masses of demons can, Azazel's presence alone could cause thunderstorms, massive temperature fluctuations, and sudden gusts of wind.
Healing - He restored a comatose, dying Dean to full health in "In My Time of Dying" and repaired John's broken neck in "In the Beginning" though in both cases he had to make a deal to do so.
Electrokinesis - His mere presence caused lights to flicker, electronic devices to go haywire, and clocks to stop. He could also do this at his will.
Memory Manipulation - He could erase the memories of people, and did so after resurrecting them.
Super senses - Was able to tell Dean wasn't one of his special Children, simply by smelling his neck.
Flight - When in his disembodied smoke form, Azazel could fly.
The Colt - Like all demons, Azazel could be killed by a fatal shot from the Colt. He himself describes it as the "the only gun in the whole Universe that can shoot him dead" and also ends up being the weapon that kills him.
Iron - Azazel is unable to cross an iron line as shown when he needs to send Jake to open the Devil's Gate because he claims he "just can't" cross the line.
Angels - As with all demons, high level angels can easily kill Azazel. In general, Azazel avoided interferance from angels and covered his tracks thoroughly to prevent them from getting involved.
The First Blade - As the First Blade can kill any demon no matter how powerful, it could kill Azazel too.
Death's Scythe - It can kill every kind of demon.
History: Azazel was once human but that was long ago, he has forgotten what it was to be human. He twisted and became damned, it was in that process that all humanity was gone and he was no longer human he was a demon. He embraced his new role in life with pleasure, he became one of the most loyal demons of Lucifer. Azazel enjoyed serving his new father he is the most loyal of his father's children and will serve anything he asks.

When Azazel lost Lucifer he began to conduct everything he could to bring his father back to him. He wanted to be loyal to his father and he was the only one to remain faithful, he also began to experiment with children feeding them demons blood. This gave the kids special powers and allowed him to have the army he'd need. He was proud to have found and his father and now that he's free Azazel had returned to following him.

Azazel Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: PM, Skype
Other Characters: The Ninth Doctor, Dean Winchester, Mara, Captain Jack Harkness, Gabriel, Ben Braeden, Susan Foreman, Charlotte Asher
Source: Staffer

Roleplay Sample: Azazel looked at the door to his father's chamber, he was proud he'd done exactly what he'd said he would. He had found him and he had brought his father back he remained faithful of all the demons Azazel alone had remained faithful. Azazel was nervous at the same time as excited as ever, he would get to see his father again. Once more he would stand at Lucifer's side and be his most loyal servant, he would prove that he was worth more than all those dickless heathens that resided in this world.

It was with a steadying breath that he kept himself calm and knocked on the door. Waiting for the answer and standing tall looking proud, he was The Yellow Eyed Demon. The only one to remain faithful to Lucifer, the only one worthy of Lucifer's attention the only one that deserved his attention.


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Azazel Empty Re: Azazel

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 10, 2014 10:18 pm

*slaps with a fish*


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