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My Side, Your Side

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My Side, Your Side

Post by The Brigand on Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:27 pm

Cold, pale fingers tapped repeatedly on the arm chair as The Brigand looked up through the grate above him. He could smell them up there, in his territory were they had no right in being. He read books, drank blood, he had even decided to travel to other parts of the London sewers he hadn't yet explored but eventually he just couldn't take it anymore as he rose off the chair and burs through the drain and the concrete around it with blurring speak. The two piranha toothed pricks fell two him in an instant as his plunged his hands into their chests, tearing out their hearts as he removed them.

The Brigand took of in a blur again as he tracked their lingering scent to the place they came from, stopping a few dozen meters shy of their lair. He had no intention to just barge in there with their kinds blood over both of his hands, knowing that giving their numbers it would be a suicide mission. A suicide mission made all the more difficult in that it was a private building and as such he required an invitation to enter. It was this reason that caused him to casually walk up to the front door, his hands still covered in vampire blood, and knocked on it.

Licking the blood from his hand he pondered over why he had actually came here. Sure he had been killing them every now and again yet that was usually because they kept on entering his territory ever since he had killed off his own coven. Maybe they were just expanding or perhaps trying to learn more about him. In truth he wondered just how much they knew about him and how different he was from them.

As he continued to ponder over his completely unimportant thoughts until the door finally opened, the vampires on the other side staring at him as he stood there. "I don't suppose one of you would care to invite me in?" He didn't really expect one of them to do it but to his surprise he was allowed entry, walking into the building as he began to pick up her scent. He didn't come all the way to their lair just to talk to any old vampire. There was one here that he had heard about for so long and he could tell that she was here when he picked up the scent of one older than the rest and so he began to follow it, entering a room at the back of the building. "I felt that it was about time me and you had a talk."

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Re: My Side, Your Side

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 06, 2014 2:22 pm

Waiting in patience, Ethne was sitting on her throne in a short, black tight dress with a pair of black stilettos to match. Her raven hair was thick, falling past her breasts, and her smokey eye makeup contracted against her bright, blue eyes which gave her a sultry, intimidating effect. Licking her lips as she waited in silence, she was well aware that her own kin were being killed.

On usual occasions, she would react rather hostile to that kind of situation. Had it been an outsider or a hunter, she would have gone to their sides at once to rip them to shreds. No one kill her children. No one. Although tonight was different. Crossing one leg over the other as she reclined back in her chair, she took a deep, lifeless breath with a sigh as she heard the door burst open.

When she heard him speak, she lazily let her hand slide down to her cheek, resting her weight on it as she leaned to the side of her throne, sighing. "Perhaps it is then," she replied to his words in a coy manner as she gave a curl to her lips with a smirk. "I don't find it to be very polite for someone to break into my home and kill half of my kindred. So what is it that you wish to speak about?"


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