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Of The Night

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Of The Night

Post by Eamon Hayes on Wed Mar 05, 2014 5:53 pm


A former hunter, Eamon was turned around twenty years ago and is currently unaffiliated with any others of his kind. Searching for his lost sister and his parents killers, it is probably these goals that have allowed him to cling to humanity for so long. Slipping away by the day, it probably won't be too long before he becomes a true creature of the night.

Friends are probably few and far between nowadays, seeing as he keeps himself to himself and rarely ventures among other people. Unless of course he wishes to feed, but then he tries to go for mostly animal blood.

It isn't impossible to become his friend, just difficult. Especially when his neurotic tendencies begin to surface, meaning that human interaction is pretty brief. He has mixed feelings about others of his kind, knowing that he should hate them, but at the same time they are kin. Whether he likes it or not.

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Not really interested, but one can't deny fate. Vampires mate for life, so if the right gal comes along, then perhaps that would give him another reason to live.

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Although he once worked along side other hunters, he is their enemy and so they are his in return. His greatest foe though is the vampire that killed his parents. He wishes nothing more than to kill him with his own two hands, but is he really hunting him down for that purpose? No matter how he views him, the undeniable fact remains that the man is his sire.

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