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Susan Foreman

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Susan Foreman

Post by Susan Foreman on Thu Feb 27, 2014 6:34 pm

“I fell in love with a human, had a family. They're gone now.”

Full Name: Arkytior
Aliases: Susan Foreman, Lady Larn, Forehead, Susan Campbell, Susan English
Age: Unknown (roughly given the doctor forgetting she's 689ish)
Occupation: Traveler
Species: Time Lord
Face Claim: Natalia Tena

Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: TARDIS
Personality: Susan very much loves her grandfather, she knows in his way he loved her too. She was very fond of 20th century England, so much that she enrolled in school for a time there. She learned quickly and took to technology and history well, she loves learning new things and exploring. Susan always enjoys helping others to understand something as best as she can.

Susan is very quick to show fear and uncertainty though this has begun to calm down with her regeneration. She has also begun to beomce intedpendant and is more willing to fight when she needs to protect herself. Susan knows that her grandfather did what he thought best leaving her in a different time. She grew into a strong young woman in her own right trying to become better, she is a stronger woman than she used to be.

She tends towards caring for the young and wanting to help but she is also an explorer, she likes to see new things. Susan is also a parent she knows what it's like to have a kid, having had one and adopting a handful. Her care is very much noticeable and she is keen on helping others as well as to see the universe. Though for all of Susan's good traits she hates Daleks with a passion to match any other Time Lord.

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Important Figures: The Doctor; Grandfather, David Campbell; Husband, Ian Campbell; adopted son, Barbara Campbell; adopted daughter, David Campbell Jr.; adopted son, Alex Campbell; biological son
Home Town/Planet: Gallifrey
Powers/Skills Telepathy with other Time Lords, Regeneration
History: Susan Foreman was born Arkytior on Gallifrey to The Doctor's family, she is The Doctor's grand daughter. She is very much his family, though she's a bit more serious than he is. She was born to a good family and when she was sixteen she left with The Doctor and traveled with him all around. She enjoyed her time with him too, it was a glorious time for her. Susan had many adventures with her Grandfather and avoided a lot of Drama for most of her life.

Susan was left on Earth in the 22nd Century with a man that she loved named David Campbell. Her grandfather left her there to live out her life with him and to have a normal life with him there on earth. She adopted three children Ian, Barabara, David Jr. before she got pregnant and gave birth to a part Gallifreyan child. The entire family lived a pretty good life from that point on.

The Master once kidnapped her, he shot her husband deand. It was at that time she stole his TARDIS from him. After having it attack him, she has been out on her own for a while since but while she was living with David she hid the TARDIS. After a few years Alex left her and went on his own because The Master had shot his father. While he was gone he went and tried to help other people on Earth, while doing that the Daleks attacked and shot him.

After her son died she regenerated because she charged in to get his body, once she had that she regenerated due to massive damage. She has since been in her second regeneration living among humans for a while. Then she took the TARDIS she'd stolen from The Master and began exploring trying to find a life of her own. Her kids and husband were dead or living out their lives.

Nickname: Prissy
Contact Information: PM, AIM, Gchat
Other Characters: Dean Winchester, Jack Harkness, The Ninth Doctor, Mara, Ben Braeden, Gabriel
Source: Been here for a bit now
Roleplay Sample: Susan sighed as she darted around the controls of her TARDIS looking like her Grandfather. She smiled at that memory and thought about her family that she was leaving behind, she had three kids still but they knew that she wasn't human. She was a Time Lord and she was going to go exploring, it was time. She had regenerated and a new body meant a new way of living she would see the universe maybe live like her Grandfather had.

She smiled to herself as she had set the coordinates for the 21st century and she was going to see what the world was like in this time. It had to be different right? Or at least that was what she thought she was excited to explore and see more of the universe. She was going to let more of the world find out about her too maybe she'd even find her Grandfather.
Susan Foreman
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Re: Susan Foreman

Post by Amy Pond on Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:41 pm

A C C E P T E D! Please post in the Who's Who and the Face Claims page thank you~

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