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Feeding Time // OPEN

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Feeding Time // OPEN

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 24, 2014 2:59 pm

Ethne knew that her sons and daughters were hungry, but she had forbid them from leaving the nest. Ever since those Winchester boys had arrived to London, things have been much more shaky for them and they had to be careful of every move they made. They just hoped that they wouldn't be here much longer… Ethne was getting very irritated with the fact that they were refusing to leave. Pacing down the halls of her nest, she decided she'd have to find some fresh meat on her own.

When she left, she made sure to go very far away, just in case something were to happen. She couldn't risk having her family killed. She already had something arranged if something were to happen to her, but she had been around for so long, she doubted anything would. She knew how to handle her own and she has killed many hunters in the past. One hunter was foolish enough to enter her nest by himself. She ripped him to shreds.

Unfortunately, he was a hunter well known around these parts and he was engaged to one to one of the female hunters around these parts. Now she had a bounty, to most hunters, but rather than to be killed on the spot, she was to be brought to this woman and be killed by her herself. Rolling her eyes at the thought, she jumped into the shadows, sneaking along, just waiting for some pray to come her way. Seeing that there was a young woman who was foolish enough to walk on her own she smirked, her teeth starting to protrude.

As she then made her way toward the woman, she ran, her super speed causing her to slam into the woman, pushing her to the ground as she took a chunk from her neck. Feeding on her quickly, she made sure to stifle the screams so it would not cause too much attention. She then started to drag the body into the nearby dumpsters. Now it was time to make one of her visits to the surgeon who owed her some drawn blood packs.


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Re: Feeding Time // OPEN

Post by Jack Harkness on Tue Feb 25, 2014 3:35 pm

Jack had taken to gathering as much intel as he could on those strange people who were looking into odd happenings. It was unusual but for some reason the world just seemed to expand to Jack ever since he'd had that encounter with Sam Winchester. Jack grinned to himself as he kept moving towards whatever it was maybe he was going to that brothel that he knew about. He needed to get some attention in that way, it had been a long time since he had enjoyed the company of another or at least felt like a long time to him.

Jack caught sight of something moving in the shadows and turned to see what it was, he didn't quite notice the monster. He did however notice the young woman, she was alone why was his only question, he didn't even really pay attention to his own safety. He simply looked on for a moment then shook his head it was no business of his what happened to the woman at least not right now. There was no danger around so really what concern was it of his?

Jack heard a scream even if it was stifled and he drew his gun and rushed towards the source of the noise to see a body being dragged into dumpsters. "Oi!" Jack yelled, oh he was an idiot sometimes. But when you couldn't die you tended to be reckless at times and do incredibly stupid things. "What are you doing?" He asked as he approached on guard, he was watching the female because really he wasn't sure what to think of this woman. She wasn't any alien species he was familiar with.

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