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Ethne  Empty Ethne

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:29 pm

Ethne  Normal_007
“You better run like hell.”

Ethne  Tumblr_myfmgzR4Cu1rl3yf0o1_500

Full Name: Ethne (Last name forgotten)
Aliases:Madame, Woman in Black, Mistress
Age: 726 (looks 24)
Occupation: Vampire Coven Leader
Species: Vampire
Face Claim: Zooey Deschanel

Ethne  Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Nest in London
Personality: Ethne has a very "queen bee" attitude. She knows she is one of the most successful vampires in London and she takes pride in it and marks her territory and invokes fear in stranger vampires and hunters. She is sultry, manipulative, and will turn anyone who she knows despises vampires, just to torture them. She has a large nest of followers that has been thriving for centuries and she is very protective of them. A mother must protect her children, after all.

Ethne hates hunters and will kill them the moment she can. Although she does not want to risk her children getting caught, so she has controlled them to either kill in the outskirts where no one would notice or to wait for her to bring blood packs from the hospital. She has made a deal with a surgeon whom she was going to kill that he could live if he smuggles out drawn blood for her so she can continue to feed her kin without having to make a scene with mass murders in the streets.
Ethne  Zooey-Deschanel-na-revista-Marie-Claire-Edição-de-Maio1
Ethne  Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: Elizabeth and Virgil (deceased)
Important Figures: Her Sier, her kin
Home Town/Planet: Romania
Super Strength - Vampires possess strength that is greater than humans. Young vampires experience a formidable increase in physical strength; able to lift heavy objects and overpower grown humans. Older vampires, however, can overpower their own makers and other creatures. Boris, a 600 year-old vampire demonstrated his superior strength over Dean, who was at that time a new vampire who had yet to complete the transition, by easily overpowering him.
Fangs - Vampires possess a set of retractable fangs. Their teeth are superhumanly strong and can rip open a human's neck and leave huge bite marks on the corpse of the victim it has fed on.
Super Speed - Vampires speed is greater than humans. It is possible that a vampire's speed, like their strength, increase with age.
Super Agility - Vampires possess amazing agility. They can climb up walls and jump off buildings without hurting themselves. Vampires also have greater reflexes than humans.
Super Senses - Vampires have extremely keen senses that are superior to those of humans. They can see in the dark, hear a human's heart beat, and possess enhanced sense of smell. A vampire can track a human's blood over long distances. John Winchester once warned Sam and Dean that, "Once a vampire has your scent, it's for life." Like their strength, their senses seem to increase with age, as Luther was able to smell Kate, while none of the younger vampires could.
Immortality - Vampires can potentially live forever. They can't grow old and don't acquire conventional diseases that affect humans.
Invulnerability - Vampires can not be killed by conventional methods, such as stab wounds or gunshots. Vampires have an extreme durability to pain. Kate was shot in the stomach with an arrow and merely sighed in annoyance, however they still react to punches and kicks in a similar manner to humans.
Regeneration - As long as they have enough human blood, vampires can quickly heal any wound that does not include amputation.
Super Stamina - Despite their hunger, vampires don't tire easily. When turned, Dean took on an entire nest of over twenty other vampires, in a fight to the death, and emerged almost unfazed.
History: Ethne was born in 1287 to a royal family in Romania. Although she barely has any memories of her human life, all she remembers was that she had been wandering through the woods with her sisters when a vampire had attacked them. It killed her sisters and turned her, because she was "the prettiest". She lived with her sier for many years until she had decided to make her own path and she had fled to the streets of london in the late 1500's. She has lived there ever since.

She has a large nest on the outskirts and forbids her children to kill unless threatened. The only time they can kill to feed is if they come across wanderers in the woods. She does not want to draw attention to her nest. She has made a deal with a surgeon to smuggle blood for her children so that they do not have to go out and deal with such troubles. She is currently trying to push out any stranger vampires from the area.

Ethne  Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Ren
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: The Shepherd, The Watchman
Source: Mary

Roleplay Sample: Required if applying for a canon. Otherwise, it is totally optional.


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Ethne  Empty Re: Ethne

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 24, 2014 12:37 pm

Oooh. Another vampire. I don't like you're kind, so expect me searching for your nest sometime soon.
Approved! Please add yourself to the face claims and who's who Smile


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