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Post by Guest on Wed Feb 05, 2014 10:02 pm

“Please, accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity.”

Full Name: Castiel
Aliases: Cas, Clarence, Emanuel, Steve
Age: Ageless
Occupation: Angel, Deity (breifly), Human (former), Gas-N-Sip sales associate (former)
Species: Angel
Face Claim: Misha Collins

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: Heaven
Personality: Before meeting the Winchesters, Castiel, being an angel, had almost no feelings for the human race. He was a faithful servant of God, and had little room for disobedience or emotions. He was driven by the orders he followed. After spending more time with Dean, Cas begins to show empathy and fondness for the hunter, eventually to those close to him, and finally the humans in general. The angel's superiors become suspicious of his loyalties, and send Uriel to watch over him. Their suspicions are eventually confirmed when Castiel rebels against heaven and sides with humankind. He is then shunned from heaven, making him loose most of his angelic powers. He is left to socialize more with humans than ever, showing how bad he is at understanding social norms.

Parents: God
Siblings: Micheal, Lucifer, Raphael, Gabriel, Angels
Important Figures: God, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Home Town/Planet: Heaven
The first known action from Castiel is when he pulled Dean out of hell. He had the help of many fellow angels, but Cas was ultimately the one to save the Dean, leaving his hand print burned into his left shoulder. He comes back to help stop the 66 seals from being broken which would free Lucifer and start the Apocalypse. He develops a close relationship with the Winchesters, Dean in particular. When he realizes that Micheal, his brother, actually intends for Lucifer to be unleashed so he can be killed, he tries to warn Dean, but is reprimanded. He then breaks from Heaven to help the Winchesters and the rest of humanity fight. With the help of the Winchesters, he slowly gains more feeling and grows fond of the human race.

Nickname: Kudos~
Contact Information: Skype or PM
Other Characters: The Eleventh Doctor, The Wanderer, Sherlock Holmes, Reose Tyler
Source: -is in fact a staff- :3

Roleplay Sample: Castiel felt strange. He'd done something he'd never done before. He'd hesitated. Only for a fraction of a second, but it was enough to bother him. Shaking the feeling away, he examined his new body. The vessel's name was Jimmy Novak. He'd asked him to be the angel's vessel, but Castiel had had the small hesitation. Not really long enough for Jimmy to notice, but it had still been there. Castiel was still wondering what had caused him to do so. He'd never been afraid before, not even a little. So what was it that made him think twice about entering this human's body?

Glancing around, he searched for a distraction. Anything, really. "Daddy?" he heard a small voice behind him. Turning around, he saw a young girl watching him curiously. Drawing himself up to full height, he replied bluntly, "I am not your father," then turned his heel and walked away. She was not exactly the distraction he was hoping for.

(Sorry if the rp sample is kind of bad, did the best I could with the episodes I watched with Cas and the wiki... T~T)


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Re: Castiel

Post by Siren on Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:36 pm

An angel hm? I'm tellin' ya, a lot of weird things have been happening lately. Angels, demons, ghosts... I don't believe any of it. But if you say so. Hello, oh holiness.


APPROVED! Please add yourself to the face claims and who's who Smile

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