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The Watchman

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The Watchman

Post by Guest on Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:44 pm

“Apathy is the glove in which evil slips its hand.”

Full Name: Ezrallys
Aliases: The Watchman
Age: 1,006
Occupation: Mercenary
Species: Gallifreyan
Face Claim: James McAvoy

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: TARDIS
Personality: The Watchmen is cunning, meticulous, and pays attention to detail. He is flirty, enjoys mind games, and gets a thrill from killing others. He is obsessed with power and immortality and he wants nothing more than to have the universe bow down to him. He fought on the front lines of the Time War and when he saw the kind of power he had, he went absolutely nuts and fled from it, not wanting to take part any longer. He absolutely despises the Doctor and everything he stands for, and is quite jealous of him even.

The Watchmen has a short temper, especially when things do not go his way. He is usually rather calm and collected. He enjoys playing with his victims and making them die in a very shameful or painful manner. He hates competition and isn't afraid to weed out the competition by means of violence.

Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Important Figures: Siren, Rassilon
Home Town/Planet: Gallifrey
History: The Watchman served on the front lines during the Time War and had is fair share of killings. It drove him absolutely insane, so he had fled from Gallifrey before anything could kill him. Being considered a coward, he began training every day for 400 years so that he could go back and help defeat the Daleks, but by the time he had done that, it had been too late. He went nuts when he had then heard about the outcome and that The Doctor had destroyed it.

Afterward, he joined the Zargustian refuge and became a mercenary. He worked for with them doing killing for hire simply because he enjoyed it. He did this in preparation so that he could one day kill the Doctor. While working there, a woman known as the Siren then joined and he was surprised to see that she was a Time Lady. He kept his secret from her though, and the two became close and they both had a hatred for the Doctor. The two became intimate sometime during their employment together, but the two were prone to arguing.

Eventually, something happened between the two of them which caused them to break up, in which The Watchman went a little bit crazy and attempted to kill her. The two then became rivals when she then fled and dropped her mercenary title. He then had gotten word that she had gotten into a relationship with The Doctor... which did not sit well with him. He now wants nothing more than to see him rot.

Nickname: Ren
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: The Shepherd
Source: Mary


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Re: The Watchman

Post by Siren on Tue Feb 04, 2014 7:19 pm

"Oh. It's you."



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