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Not so quiet Contemplation (open)

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Not so quiet Contemplation (open)

Post by The Hunter on Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:37 pm

Another day, another contract fulfilled, The Hunter thought to himself as he downed a congratulatory drink. It hadn't been a big contract, some businessman or another that had been making life a living hell for the residents of a small moon of sorts, but nonetheless it was a small victory in his fight against evil! Putting it like that made it seem rather romantic and even a little heroic, but the reality was far from it. A life had ended so that many others could be led in peace, but that didn't mean he had actually enjoyed being the one to take that life. Just who was he anyway to play judge, jury and executioner? Someone had to, he supposed, and a stiff drink was usually in order not just because he had done just that. No, he mourned what could have been and wondered what exactly had led him down this path in the first place. Actually, he pretty much knew the answer to that one...

Taking a look around the bar, it seemed that it was as mechanical looking as the rest if this station. Which one was he even on, he wondered as he had pretty much punched in the co ordinates at random after his latest targets cronies had given chase. He could be anywhere, in any era, but then wasn't that the fun of traveling? Sometimes he wondered at what point the fun had ended and this new life had begun, a life that would have horrified his previous incarnation if he had even the slightest fore knowledge. There was a reason that Time Lords didn't cross their own timelines, he thought as he then recalled that The Doctor had done just that on several occasions. Then again, he'd led more than just the two lives, in a sense, so he supposed that those encounters would be very interesting indeed! Then again, he didn't know how those had ended for him, so perhaps it was still a bad idea.

Sitting quietly, he eyed the various other patrons of what he assumed to be a trade station of sorts. Many of the species here he recognised, but there were one or two that he couldn't place. Either way, he sat at the bar alone as he watched the various goings on. This wasn't really the best place to think in all honesty, but he liked to do so in these kinds of places. One could be alone without really being alone, for all the logical sense that made, but then the possibility of someone joining him and breaking him from said thoughts was always a welcome distraction. There was only so long one could sit and mourn those who'd had to die by his hand in the name of peace. Yep, just keep telling yourself that Nax!

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