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The Mask // OPEN

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The Mask // OPEN

Post by River Song on Wed Jan 08, 2014 11:47 pm

With a rumble and a jolt, River found herself against the cold cobblestone streets of 18th century London. Getting up from where she was, she looked around, rubbing the side of her head as she then frizzed her hair out, shaking the dust and leaves that may have gotten caught in it. With a sigh, she looked at the papers she was given anonymously. There was something strange about the year 1741. A silurion merchant had begged her to get his precious mask back for him, for he claimed that it contained an evil that could not be contained if it were ever worn. This was the year it was stolen from him.

Walking along the streets, she didn't notice anything too strange. She just looked around hoping she'd run into the shop which belonged to him at some point. She just really needed to make sure that she got this mask back for him or else some crazy chaotic war would break out apparently. As she finally made her way around the corner, she had heard a scream and her eyes had widened. Turning her head, a shadowed man had jolted down the road on a horse, holding what appeared to be a stitched together mask. "It's mine!" he yelled out into the sky as he continued to run off.

"Oh no it isn't," River murmured as she turned to the horse that was parked with a carriage. Quickly shooting the holsters off of it with her gun, she got on top of it and then kicked it into a run to go after the person. "Hold it right there!" she yelled after him, holding her gun. "I have a weapon and I will use it if you don't stop where you are!" The person simply turned to face her, revealing that the mask was now on their face as shadows had suddenly rushed all around him as a shield, projecting some type of force outward, causing her to fall off of the horse.

"What in the name of sanity..." she murmured to herself as she got back up. As quick as a blink, the sundown around the city became gloomy, darker, and colder as the air began to freeze and the leaves began to shed from trees. A haze came over the city and right away, River could tell something wasn't right. "I have to get that mask," she glared. "How to get to him though..."
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