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The Mistress

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The Mistress

Post by The Mistress on Tue Jan 07, 2014 10:29 pm

“You were always the first and last face I saw. Why else would I chase after you?”

Full Name: Demorytor
Aliases: Demory, Demory Dickinson, Demi, The Pariah, Siren, The Mistress
Age: Between 628-1352
Occupation: Time Traveler
Species: Gallifreyan
Face Claim: Kate Beckinsale

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: TARDIS
Personality: Demory's personality is very similar to that of her last form, except for her sarcasm and rudeness is a bit less filtered. She is quick to anger and is verydefensive, especially when someone is to insult her or offend her in any way. She only trusts a select few people and she enjoys the little things in life and going on adventures. She is very fond of the Doctor, and other Time Lords, feeling rather lonely when she is away from them after being one of the only females for so long.

Against enemies, Demory goes for a more psychological tactic, to try and pry into the minds of her opponents and find out what it is that makes them ill tempered and lose their focus. She enjoys making jokes and toying with them, and although she still follows her mercy rule, she is not afraid to kill if she needs to. Demory is very fond of her gun.
Demory wears a white, silk button up shirt with a black, leather corset. Over that, she wears a burgundy velvet coat and a pair of black, leather pants and black leather combat boots. Her hair is long, brunette, and curly with brown eyes.

Parents: Galadhion and Esmera (deceased)
Siblings: none
Important Figures: The Doctor, Amadeus
Home Town/Planet: Gallifrey
History: Demory regenerated into her fourth incarnation while she had gone on a solo trip to Skaro. She had heard that the Daleks were planning on starting a war with the Doctor, and they had wanted to see him die, which would kill what is believed to be his last regeneration. Unable to cope with this, Demory went in his place without his knowledge, and showing up, the Daleks had a hard time interpreting the difference because she was as well a Time Lady.

She managed to destroy most of the daleks, but found herself trapped in the control room with most of the survivors. She had no choice but to blow up the room, with herself in it. Doing so, she managed to destroy all the daleks, but it left her body uninhabitable. She only had an hour at most before full regeneration would take place. She decided to say goodbye to some people whom were very important to her before her final change.

Unfortunately during this, The Doctor had went to Trenzalore to protect it for nearly 500 years and she was unable to find him and ended up running into his past regeneration instead. This caused her to believe that he knew her end was coming and that is why he had not told her where he was going. He could not bear to say goodbye once more to her. He spent his old age there and then regenerated into his twelfth form.

After 500 years of wonder of where he could have been, news came about that he had regenerated again; something that Demory thought to be impossible. She is now on the search for him, while she is also causing some trouble for The Silence.

Nickname: Mary
Contact Information: PM or Skype
Other Characters: The Pariah, Siren, Demorytor, Rory Williams, Irene Adler, Jonah Clayworth
Source: It's my site!

The Mistress's Theme
"All this has happened before, and it will all happen again."

The Mistress
The Mistress

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