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Clara Oswald

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Clara Oswald

Post by Clara Oswald on Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:12 pm

“It's like my mum said. The souffle isn't the souffle, the souffle is the recipe.”

Full Name: Clara Oswin Oswald
Aliases: Souffle Girl, The Impossible Girl
Age: 24
Occupation: Teacher
Species: Human
Face Claim: Jenna-Louise Coleman

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London
Personality: Clara was feisty and strong willed. She was fascinated by the Doctor and even kissed him passionately. She was also slightly flirtatious, teasing the Doctor while he was climbing a ladder since she had a good view of his bottom. She cheerfully tricked him into climbing the ladder first with the words "Eyes front, soldier" since he could easily see up her dress if she went first. Clara was very curious and determined to find out all she could about the mysterious Time Lord; notably she asked the First Question twice in the same night and when the Doctor noted that it was a dangerous question Clara responded with "What's wrong with dangerous?" This showed that she also had a reckless streak. Clara was also a bit of a feminist and was briefly angry with the Doctor when he said the TARDIS was "no more a box than you are a governess" saying that he had spoken just like a man. Apparently the Doctor was not the first man to speak to her like that and she accused him of being the same as all the other men who called her "sweet, little Clara". She proudly claimed that she was not sweet and, although she was a small woman, she certainly wasn't little on the inside.

Clara had a great deal of faith in the Doctor, in contrast to Oswin, who was slightly wary of him, and when even the Doctor's friends, Vastra, Jenny and Strax, had given up thinking that he would ever regain his adventurous spirit, Clara was able to snap him out of his misery. The Doctor realised he had found a new companion and when Clara died he was briefly devastated but later elated when he realised that there was another version of her somewhere in the Universe.

Clara was highly intelligent, just like Oswin, and was able to quickly guess the Doctor's plan to use an umbrella to pull down the ladder that led to the TARDIS. She was also the second person, after the Doctor, to guess that Walter Simeon needed the Ice Governess, although she wasn't sure why until the Doctor explained it to the rest of the group. She even managed to figure out the one word that would get the Doctor to come and save the world again, "Pond", which not only got the Doctor off his cloud but also explained that the Latimer's pond contained something dangerous. Clara was also very sharp and quick witted, being able to talk even more quickly than the Doctor and make witty remarks and retorts very easily. She was able to quickly make the Doctor smile with this talent only moments after they first met. The Doctor grew to like her very quickly, even giving her the TARDIS key, despite only knowing her for a couple of days. Unlike most women in Victorian times, Clara also wouldn't hesitate to take the lead when necessary.

Clara had the ability to change her accent easily and led a double life acting as both a barmaid and a governess. Captain Latimer's children adored her and they felt more comfortable talking to her about their problems than their own father, showing that Clara had a very maternal side of her personality. The whole family was devastated when she died. Their tears, and the single tear that Clara shed on her deathbed, were ultimately the means that defeated the Great Intelligence.

Now Oswin, she possessed a flirtatious and feisty personality, and cheerfully flirted with both the Doctor and Rory. She once asked Rory to take his shirt off for no real reason showing that she considered him to be attractive and teased the Doctor about his chin, nicknaming him "Chinboy". Oswin also implied that she was bisexual, admitting to Rory that she'd once fancied a girl called Nina, although she added that she'd been going through a phase.Following her conversion, Oswin was unable to accept the horror of what she had become, and managed to convince herself that she was still human. Oswin was extremely strong-willed, and even after her conversion, rejected mental conditioning in favour of retaining her humanity. Notably, she was the only Dalek for whom the Eleventh Doctor displayed any compassion or pity and also the only known human who was strong enough to resist Dalek mental conditioning. In addition to being very strong-willed, Oswin was also extremely intelligent, but unfortunately it was because of her intelligence that she was turned into a Dalek. She had incredible hacking skills and possessed a knowledge of Daleks and their technology that exceeded even the Doctor's, because she had been converted into a Dalek herself. Oswin was very confident, perhaps slightly overconfident, and was fully aware of her exceptional intelligence, calling herself a genius several times.

Oswin was shown to be selfless, allowing the Doctor to complete his mission of destroying the planet and insisting that he leave her behind and escape with Amy and Rory. She was also a talented actress, being able to pretend convincingly that she was at ease with her situation with cheeky and flirty remarks and was able to change the sound of her voice easily. She also used her flirting to keep Rory cheerful and seemed to provide him with some comfort since he actually asked her to keep flirting with him as reassurance. Despite her relaxed and cheerful demeanour, Oswin did show signs of worry about her situation and admitted that she was anxious to leave. She was also shown to be wary of strangers since she asked the Doctor to come and fetch her, not entirely trusting him not to leave without her; later she sacrificed herself to lower the shield so the parliament of the Daleks could destroy the asylum.


Parents: Ellie and Dave
Siblings: N/A
Important Figures: N/A
Home Town/Planet: Earth
History: As a little girl, Clara encountered the Doctor in a park on the swings. They talked for a while, and then she asked him why he was sad. He told her that he'd lost her friend. Young Clara explained that she was always losing things, so she usually went to a quiet place, and thought about it, and she found it again. She discovered that the Doctor had lost a friend, but of course she had no idea it was her from the future, and presumably the Doctor had no idea who this young girl was. Clara left to go and see her mother, bidding the Doctor a farewell with the words "Mister! I hope you find her again." she then explained to her mother that she was talking to a sad man, to which her mother replied. "Clara Oswald, what have I told you about talking to strange men?" which is when it is revealed who she is.

Oswin once claimed that the first boy she ever fancied was called Rory, but quickly admitted that "actually, she was called Nina. I was going through a phase."

At some point in her life, she joined the Alaska crew as Junior Entertainment Manager to see the universe.

When the Alaska crashed on the Dalek Asylum, Oswin escaped down a shaft into the lower levels of the Asylum, where she was found and captured by the Dalek inmates. Unlike the other crew members of the Alaska, who were partially converted by the nanocloud into Dalek puppets, Oswin was fully converted due to her exceptionally high intelligence, something they valued over exterminating her. Due to the horror of what had happened to her, Oswin created a dream world for her human mind to dwell in to forget the truth. Under this life, Oswin assumed that she was surviving on souffles in the Alaska. She also hacked into the Asylum's fully-automated systems, heavily damaging it and reducing it to a ruin.

A year later, Oswin aided the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams in finding safe passage through the Dalek Asylum; wiping the memory of the Doctor from the Daleks' Pathweb at one point to save him from the Daleks in Intensive Care. The Doctor attempted to rescue her, until he found her and discovered she was a Dalek. The Doctor explained this to Oswin, who first nearly gave in to the Dalek conditioning by attempting to exterminate the Doctor, then broke down over what she had become.

Oswin lowered the Asylum's defenses so the Parliament of the Daleks could destroy the planet and asked the Doctor to remember her as the human she once was. She presumably died when the Daleks destroyed the Asylum. When Amy, Rory and the Doctor escaped back to the Parliament, they found out that Oswin had erased the Doctor from the memories of all the Daleks in the Parliament as well as the Dalek inmates in the Asylum.

Clara, at some point in her life,  visited a graveyard with her friend, where she walked by the tombstone of 19th century Clara Oswald and ironically stated, "I don't believe in ghosts."

Clara originally planned to travel after attending university, spending the week before leaving with family friends. During this week, however, their mother died, and she decided to stay in order to be a nanny for the children, Artie and Angie Maitland. Despite this she still intended to travel at some point, and kept the book which was her inspiration, 101 Places to See.

She owned a laptop but as she did not have any computer skills, phoned a technical support phone number given to her by "a woman in the shop" who described it as the best "in the universe", which was in fact the number to the phone on the front of the Doctor's TARDIS. She also created a mnemonic device, "Run you clever boy and remember," to help her recall her Wi-Fi password, but later clicked on the Great Intelligence's Wi-Fi connection when the Doctor caused her to mistype it.

After accessing the Intelligence's Wi-Fi, Miss Kizlet sent a Spoonhead to download her, which disguised itself as a character from Summer Falls, and that she should be given computer knowledge and technical skills. Although the Doctor arrived in time to stop Clara from being completely downloaded, she retained the technical knowledge that Miss Kizlet had given her.

The Doctor first took her aboard the TARDIS in order to stop a commercial aeroplane that had been sent to kill them, and then to have breakfast the next morning, arriving at the South Bank, whilst Kizlet had to take "the long way round".

After the Doctor was able to hack into the Intelligence's basic systems, Clara was able to use her new technical skills in order to access his employees webcams and use them to find their social networking profiles which gave their location, the Shard.

After being uploaded back to her body a second time, Clara confronted the Doctor about what happened to her and they discussed her desire to travel, as well as her responsibilities. The Doctor asked her to travel with him, promising to bring her back without anyone ever knowing she was gone, but she surprised him by refusing to go and telling him to come back the following day, after seven, and ask again.

Clara Oswin Oswald was believed to have been born on 23 November, 1866 in Victorian England. She claimed that her birth occurred behind the face of Big Ben, and that the location accounted for her exceptional sense of time. By 1892, she was working as a barmaid at The Rose & Crown. She also maintained a secret life (with a different accent) as "Miss Montague", a governess looking after the upper class Latimer family.

She met the Eleventh Doctor outside the pub's rear exit, and they examined a Snowman which had appeared from nowhere. Clara then chased the Doctor down the street when he left. The Doctor locked her in his cab and ordered Strax to get a Memory worm to erase the last hour of her memory. After Strax kept forgetting to put on gauntlets, the Doctor got the Memory worm himself, but then a Snowman attacked them followed by several more. Together the Doctor and Clara caused the Snowmen to melt by imagining them doing so and then the Doctor told Strax to take Clara back to the pub. Clara followed the Doctor to a ladder that led to a spiral staircase which took her up to the cloud where the Doctor had parked the TARDIS. After knocking, Clara ran back down the spiral staircase when the Doctor came to investigate.

Clara returned to her job as a governess the next day and learned that Captain Latimer's daughter, Francesca had been dreaming about her previous governess who had drowned in Latimer's pond a year earlier. Francesca's brother Digby suggested she needed a doctor so Clara hurried to find the Doctor. While shouting up at his cloud, she caught the attention of Jenny Flint who took her to see Madam Vastra. Vastra and Jenny forced Clara to do the One Word Test where she would only be allowed to use one word to answer whatever question Vastra asked. With several well chosen words, Clara explained why she was interested in the Doctor and mentioned the word "Pond", the surname of one of the Doctor's former companions. Impressed, Vastra called the Doctor and told him what Clara had said. The Doctor decided to investigate while Clara went back to Latimer's house.

The Doctor arrived to investigate the pond that the former governess had drowned in and then rescued Clara and the children from the Ice Governess, who had been created from the frozen corpse of the drowned woman. He melted her with his Sonic Screwdriver but the Ice Governess recovered and chased them down the stairs where they met Captain Latimer. The Doctor claimed to be Clara's boyfriend and then Vastra, Jenny and Strax arrived. Jenny trapped the Ice Governess behind a force field and everyone hurried into Latimer's office. The Doctor quickly explained the situation and then told everyone to stay in the office and left. Clara followed and kissed him. The Doctor then confronted Doctor Walter Simeon at the front door who demanded that he give him the Ice Governess. The Doctor and Clara led the Ice Governess up to the roof and Clara used an umbrella to pull down the ladder that led to the TARDIS. They led the Ice Governess up the spiral staircase and the Doctor tried to trap her under the cloud. He then showed Clara the inside of the TARDIS and she commented "it's smaller on the outside" before asking if there was a kitchen explaining that she liked making souffles. The Doctor gave her the TARDIS key but then the Ice Governess attacked Clara from behind. She dropped the key and was pulled off the cloud, falling to her death in the Latimer's courtyard.

The Doctor used the TARDIS to retrieve Clara's body and the shattered remains of the Ice Governess and took her into Latimer's office. Strax brought her back to life using an alien resurrection device but only for a short time. The Doctor asked Clara to become his companion and she agreed. After the Doctor and Vastra confronted Simeon in his institute and, with help from Clara's tears and the tears of the Latimer family, defeated Simeon and the Great Intelligence, Clara died with the Doctor by her side. Her last words were "Run, you clever boy... And remember." These were the exact same words that Oswin Oswald had said in the Dalek Asylum shortly before her death. The Doctor believed that Clara was somehow "the same woman" he had met in the Dalek Asylum. After Clara's funeral he rushed off to investigate the mystery.

Although the Eleventh Doctor tried to help her with her difficulties with the Wi-Fi from the year 1207, Clara clicked on the Great Intelligence's Wi-Fi connection by accident. Her location then became visible to its minions, who decided to upload her to a data cloud via Spoonhead. The Doctor arrived in time to stop Clara from being completely downloaded, but she accidentally came back with the tech package that had been spliced by Miss Kizlet, as a result, she received temporary and intimate knowledge of all things in a computer, a gift she would later hold against the Doctor.

After taking a shortcut in the TARDIS to the following morning, Clara hacked the Great Intelligence's operatives, choosing "Oswin" as a username, and discovered their location in the Shard, before she was downloaded again, this time successfully. After being uploaded back to her body a second time, Clara confronted the Doctor about what happened to her and they discussed why her desire to travel and her nanny responsibilities. The Doctor asked her to travel with him, promising to bring her back without anyone ever knowing she was gone, but she surprised him by refusing to go and telling him to come back the following day, after seven, and ask again. The Doctor irritably shouted that any time was OK.

When the Doctor returned for her, she was waiting eagerly and rushed to meet the TARDIS outside the moment the Doctor knocked on her door. When the Doctor asked her where she wanted to go, at first she was stuck but then she replied by saying "somewhere awesome", and he took her to her first alien world: Akhaten.

There, they explored the markets, and watched the Festival of Offerings. When Merry Galel, whom she had comforted and convinced to sing the Long Song at the Festival, was taken by the Mummy, Clara and the Doctor saved her. In doing so, she had to give up her mother's ring, which had extreme sentimental value to her. Afterwards, she was forced to sacrifice something even more precious: the leaf that brought her parents together, the 'most important leaf in human history'. After saving everyone on the planet, they thanked her by returning her ring.

After her first trip, the Doctor dropped her back off at her house in London, which she remarked looked different. Unlike most of the Doctor's companions, Clara stayed at home between adventures.

The Doctor later took her on another trip, but instead of landing in Las Vegas as planned, they landed on the Firebird, a Soviet submarine at the North Pole in 1983. While the Doctor brought the sinking submarine to safety, the TARDIS activated its Hostile Action Displacement System and it dematerialised.

They found the Ice Warrior Grand Marshall, Skaldak, had been brought on board. The Doctor attempted to convince the submarine's crew to be peaceful to him, but Lieutenant Stepashin stunned Skaldak with a cattle prod. The Doctor ordered the crew to imprison Skaldak; Clara was sent to try and talk some sense into him, under the Doctor's guidance, but discovered Skaldak had managed to escape his capture and threatened to launch the submarine's nuclear missiles. The Doctor and Clara managed to make him hesitate his decision, and Skaldak and the submarine were rescued by an Ice Warrior ship. Skaldak left and remotely disarmed the submarine. The Doctor then confessed to setting the HADS, and found that it had sent the TARDIS to the South Pole; he had to ask the submarine captain for a lift, much to Clara's amusement.

The Doctor took Clara to Caliburn House, the home of Major Alec Palmer, which was thought to have been haunted by the "Witch of the Well" for many years. Unknown to Clara, he took her there to speak to the psychic Emma Grayling and find out what Clara was. The Doctor took lots of photographs of the ghost throughout Earth's timeline. The Doctor used his photographs to explain that the "ghost" was in fact a time traveller from the future called Hila Tacorien, who was trapped in a pocket universe and being chased by the Crooked Man. The Doctor used a crystal from Metebelis III to make Emma open up the portal to the pocket universe. Whilst there he saved Hila but got trapped himself; Clara argued with the TARDIS voice interface when the TARDIS would not let her in, Clara wanting to use the TARDIS to save the Doctor while the TARDIS was concerned for its own safety.

Later, after revealing that Hila was a distant relative of Alec and Emma, the Doctor realised that the creature in the pocket universe was trying to get to another creature in the house, so he and Clara went back to pick it up.

While trying to teach Clara how to operate the TARDIS, the time machine was caught in a magnetic hobble-field from a space salvage ship, operated by the Van Baalen Bros. A future version of the Doctor arrived through a time rift, throwing his present self a magno-grab remote with "BIG FRIENDLY BUTTON" brandished into it to stop the ship's magno-grab. After the Doctor pressed the button, the TARDIS disappeared, escaping the Van Baalens and preventing its engine failure. The Doctor said aloud to Clara that two days had been compressed into the space of one. The Doctor asked Clara if she felt safe travelling with him, and after a long conversation she admitted that she did.

The Doctor and Clara travelled to 1893 Yorkshire and reached a new little town, Sweetville, run by Winifred Gillyflower and her mysterious partner. While investigating the town, the two were taken by Gillyflower's guards into a creepy dungeon, where they were lowered down into a strange red liquid - known locally as "The Crimson Horror". Afterwards, Clara was hypnotised by the matter and became one of Gillyflower's servant girls. After Jenny Flint rescued the Doctor from being held by Ada Gillyflower, they eventually found Clara's fossil as a porcelain doll inside a glass dome in one of the Sweetville houses. The Doctor broke the glass, took Clara out and pulled her out of her 'puppet' condition.

Clara, the Doctor and Jenny set off to finally defeat Mrs Gillyflower in a tower in the town; Gillyflower, along with her mysterious partner — the repulsive red leech, Mr Sweet — planned to fire a rocket that would spread the "Crimson Horror" all around the world, wiping humanity out. Clara broke a chair on Mrs Gillyflower's control console preventing her to wish her demands. After the Crimson Horror was safely removed from the rocket, Mrs Gillyflower threatened to kill the Doctor and Clara anyway. She was shot by Strax and fell to the ground. Mrs Gillyflower died and Mr Sweet was also killed by Mrs Gillyflower's daughter, Ada.

The Doctor brought Clara back to the 21st century to the Maitland family house. Angie and Artie, the children she looked after, saw photos from her adventures with the Doctor on her laptop and found out who she really was: a time traveller. When going through the photos, Clara saw one of her past lives, Clara Oswald, in Victorian London. Realising that both her physical appearance and place the picture took place in was different, Clara began to suspect something wasn't right. Before she could process the thought entirely, the kids begged her to take them to an adventure, or else they would tell their father that their nanny was a time traveller. Clara, lacking any other choice, agreed.

The Doctor took Clara, Artie and Angie to the abandoned theme park, Hedgewick's World of Wonders, where Angie and Artie were taken by the Cybermen, who had been reawakened from their tombs after being presumed long-extinct. The Doctor put Clara in charge of the punishment platoon to fight the Cybermen and began a game of chess to end the stalemate over his mind with the Cyber-Planner, Mr Clever.

The Doctor released the children in exchange for one of his chess pieces and pulled in the "local resources" to stop the Cybermen. The missing Emperor, Ludens Nimrod Kendrick Cord Longstaff XLI, revealed himself as having been their short-statured friend Porridge and activated the planet-destroying bomb. This summoned his spaceship, transmatting the humans on Hedgewick's World to safety while the Cybermen were left behind on Hedgewick's World. The Doctor returned Clara, Angie and Artie home.

One day whilst at home, Clara received a letter from Vastra laced with a soporific that took her into a "conference call". There, she learnt that the murderer Clarence DeMarco had said "The Doctor has a secret, you know. He has one he will take to the grave. And it is discovered." and showed Vastra the co-ordinates to where the Doctor's tomb was. The call was interrupted by the Whisper Men attempting to murder Jenny. River woke up Vastra and Strax, and the Great Intelligence appeared, using the face of Walter Simeon, to tell Clara that to save his friends, the Doctor had to come to Trenzalore, the place of his grave. When she woke up from the conference, River stayed connected. Using the telepathic circuits to get the co-ordinates, the Doctor and Clara went to Trenzalore, crossing the Doctor's timeline. The Great Intelligence was waiting there, and wished to enter the tomb of the Doctor, a future, decaying version of the TARDIS.

Entering the decaying TARDIS through a hidden passageway, Clara began to remember the events of a deleted timeline, in which the Doctor told her about her multiple lives, causing her to panic slightly. Meanwhile, Strax restarted Jenny's heart. They eventually made their way to the Doctor's tomb, where the Great Intelligence demanded the Doctor tell him his true name. When he refused, River uttered it, and the door opened.

Inside the tomb, the Intelligence entered the Doctor's timeline, rewriting his history, changing all his victories into losses. The universe began decaying, all the people and civilisations saved by the Doctor now destroyed. With no other choice, Clara did what she was meant to do: saying, "Run you clever boy, and remember me", she walked into the timeline as well, scattering her across time and space. This action projected her across time, creating many other versions of her that saved the Doctor time and time again.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor decided to jump into the timeline as well in order to save her. Hearing the Doctor's comforting voice, she approached him. As they were just about to leave, Clara noticed an incarnation of the Doctor that she'd never met. This version was the only one to break the promise of the name "the Doctor". Clara and the Eleventh Doctor then departed, with the mysterious Doctor watching them leave.

Nickname: Carmen
Contact Information: PM, Skype.
Other Characters: None
Source: I'm friends with the founder :')

Roleplay Sample: It was a very boring day for Clara Oswald, and that was not the type of day that she liked. At all. In fact, she hated boring days. She nearly always had something to do and when she didn't...she went looking for adventure, really, although there was barely ever anything around that could be considered as 'adventure'. But still, it was always a good idea to get out of the house, so Clara had gotten dressed and just left, deciding to just let her legs carry her somewhere.

She ended up at a park of some sort. What a great place to look for adventure, Clara thought to herself sarcastically. She wandered around, her hands in her coat pockets. A cold wind blew her hair around her shoulders, causing her to smile a bit. Windy days were rather...nice, in her opinion, although she didn't talk about it that much. She continued to walk, but this time more slowly, as she was in no hurry. It was actually quite early in the morning (well, it was 10:59, but that was considered early for Clara to be out and about) so people who knew Clara seemed surprised when they passed her. She smiled and nodded at them in greeting before moving on.

After a while, she decided (after a somewhat random debate) that she wanted to go to a nearby bakery that looked like a really cool place. She just hadn't had a chance to go there. She smiled and began walking in the direction the bakery was. When she got there, she pushed the door open and inhaled the smell of pastries and icing. She loved bakeries, too, although her family had always told her to watch her figure. She rolled her eyes at the thought of it, and then started looking at the display, wondering what to get. Everything looked so nice! She wasn't sure what she wanted just yet, but hey, she had all day to browse...however, she was cut short when she heard the manager complaining about the wifi. She frowned, deciding to eavesdrop. She rolled her eyes. That's how bored you are? Wow...
Clara Oswald

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Re: Clara Oswald

Post by The Pariah on Mon Jan 06, 2014 3:15 pm

IC: Siren: Oh it's you. You're the new companion, yes? *smiles* Pleased to meet you.

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