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Out of Character CBOX

Dorothy Gale Ace McShane

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Dorothy Gale Ace McShane Empty Dorothy Gale Ace McShane

Post by Ace McShane on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:51 am

Dorothy Gale Ace Mcshane

“Oi Jungle jim I'm here too you know”

Basic Info!

Full Name:Dorothy Gale McShane
Occupation: Time Traveler
Current Residence:Tardis
Face Claim:Sophie Aldred

Appearance:Ace is 5,3 and is slim built has long brown hair brown eyes but doing let her small size fool you as she may look like somewhat lazy but she athletic and keeps fit from time to time her wardrobe Ace wears mainly black but bight tops most notable Ace wears  a bomber jacket that has over the year been decorated with badges and labels from place all over and of thing of interest  as well thing that interest her apart from her jacket, Ace wears a plain black skirt with tights with a red zig zag running down them and lastly footwear normal plane trainers.

Personality: Ace like to act tough with her look and street smarts and like to take on things that are bigger than her and like to rush in and get thing done but that not to say that she doesn't think about the danger apart from that Ace has a soft inner shell that kind and gentle but hard show it.

When it comes to her like Ace enjoy rock music and doing chemistry making her explosive Nitro 9 and being herself and being free from personal trouble of her past and like to find excitement where ever it is. Her fears are her past and being told what to do by some in authority and hate doing nothing and sitting still and getting in danger and not knowing what to do.
Her strengths are she headstrong yet reckless at times Ace is considered brave and charming to almost any male.

History and Family

Parents:Audrey Dudman
Siblings: Liam Estranged Brother
Important Figures: The Doctor,Gliz,Mel
Home Town/Planet: Earth London Privale
History: Ace was born in and raised in Perivale, a small suburb in west Greater London and grow up there for most of her life for the most part but was a defiant child that didn’t do as her parents  told her what to do and would disobey and got obsessed with fire and explosions and  this lead to one such incident was blowing up the art room but that was only a small explosion and was such expelled from school and fail her A levels in chemistry even though she a master of it.  

Another such incident was when her friend died from a deadly firebombing took one of her friends, Ace took it upon herself to set fire to the old abandon house as a last act on earth for a while as one night as Ace was trying extract nitro from nitro-glycerine when a time storm took Ace to a space port called Ice world.
Where Ace manage to get a waitress job for a while and that where she met Gilts a space pirate that was looking for another way to get rich and want to join him on such adventure but would just be call thing like Sprog you too young to go and too dangerous because of the dragon and when asked her boss about it he would just tell her that it a myth and to get back to work.

When she meet the doctor that when she felt her life would have a chance for a new direction and after getting convened by Mel she quit her job and when home and told Mel about herself and help the Doctor find out about the sinister secret that was with in Ice Wold and offered to be show the 12 galaxy’s and learned a lot from the professor and name she gave the Doctor in their travels.

You, the player!

Nickname: ACE
Contact Information: pm,email or skpe
Other Characters:none
Source: The Adventure of the blue box

Roleplay Sample: ] Ace was standing next to the TARDIS Controls watching the Professor; or as he likes to be called the Doctor was busying himself with imputing the coordinates or the their next destination on the trip around the twelve galaxies. Hearing him loudly thinking as he ponder of what buttons to push next and Ace stood there with intense wonder of what planet they were heading to as overheard the Possibility’s as the Professor pounded away.
Leaving Ace’s mind to go into the clouds to thinking about the possible things that could see as well what dangers could be out there remembering, some of the trips that She and the Professor had made across time and space and aliens she seen Like the Cybermen to the Daleks to an odd looking Bertie bassett that would experiment on captives of the Happiness Patrol agents, but that was tip of the ice burg.

This didn't stop Ace as she was well equipped for and thing knowing that she had her trusty Nitro 9 explosives in her backpack if needed but would keep that to herself know that the Professor didn't take too kindly to her carrying it with them on their travels, But that didn't mean it came in hand now and then.

Something strange was happening and watched in shock as her hand was slowly vanishing “Professor?” watching as continue to vanish she cried out to him “Professor what is going on? Professor?” but all she got was swiftly dismissed from him as he was still making preparations to the TARDIS control panel as she faded out of sight.

Then everything when dark as if she was asleep as she found herself slowly opening her eye hoping that the Professor was at her side to help her up and looked around, she could hear car horns and sirens blaring away as they zoomed past her and not to mention the muffled sound of people in the distance and not to mention the smell of fumes that were in the air.

She stood herself up brushing off her clothing as she did she saw that she was in the clothing that she was in when she first her travel’s with the, “Professor?” she said as she looked around hoping to see him behind her waiting for her and for him to say some smart remark. But to her dismay he was nowhere in sight.

Feeling rather disappointed she put her hand in her pocket of her bomber jacket and felt around to find something to give a clue to lift her spirits, She pulled out pieces of candy and stick old coins and clutched her hand in disappointment. Because all she wanted was her Professor back and yet all she had was the sweets and old coins and took a walk along the street to find out where she was.

When Ace came across a newspaper blowing in the wind and picked it up to her eye’s look at the date that was printed on it and her eye went wide “WHAT” saying that as she started reading it and after she realised “it the year 2198!” she said aloud and felt the feeling shock still hitting her in the face.

“This is impossible” saying that as she looking around “well it looks like I’m in England…But..” and lifted her head towards the sky above “Professor!!” She yelled on top of her lungs and waited to hear his voice again. But hearing nothing she slumped herself on a nearby bench with the newspaper in still her hands.
Ace McShane
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Dorothy Gale Ace McShane Empty Re: Dorothy Gale Ace McShane

Post by The Pariah on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:55 am

AAAACE! Ah it's great to see you! <3
Approved, darling~

On the first foreign fall of snow of the new year, the Storm would cause her untimely demise. The clock's ticking will sound and the chorus will sing as the shepherd and his sheep shall cry.
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Dorothy Gale Ace McShane Empty Re: Dorothy Gale Ace McShane

Post by Ace McShane on Sat Nov 09, 2013 2:55 am

Ace McShane
Ace McShane

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Dorothy Gale Ace McShane Empty Re: Dorothy Gale Ace McShane

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