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Jonah Clayworth

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Jonah Clayworth

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 06, 2014 1:37 am

“Detectives are only humans. We are not gods that know everything.”

Full Name: Jonah Leighton Clayworth
Aliases: Jone
Age: 26
Occupation: Private Detective
Species: Human
Face Claim: Eddie Redmayne

Sexual Preference: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London, UK
Personality: Jonah is very reserved and introverted. He has a million thoughts in his head and he claims to have them all organized in such a way, as though he has his own personal file cabinets fixed in his brain. Quirky and socially awkward, he finds it hard to work well with others, especially since he can focus much easier when on his own.

Jonah is very intelligent and has a eidetic memory, meaning he can often recall past events he has seen very vividly, as though he had just experienced it with great precision. He can be rather blunt and stubborn, especially when it comes to his job. He hates being distracted and doesn't appreciate when others tease him.

Jonah doesn't have many friends--actually, he has none. He finds that becoming emotionally attached to someone is rather inconvenient, especially for his position as a detective, getting involved in all sorts of dangerous situations. He doesn't want anyone to get hurt, hence why he decides to reserve himself.
Appearance: Eddie has auburn, dark hair that is short on the sides and swooped at the top. He has bright blue eyes and freckles all over his body. He's slim and often wears classy attire, such as dress shirts and slacks with a fancy blazer. His favorite attire is his wool sweater with burgundy pants.

Parents: Penelope and Lloyd Clayworth
Siblings: None
Important Figures: None
Home Town/Planet: London, UK
History: onah was born in London, England to Penelope and Lloyd Clayworth, two very conservative and quirky individuals. Both being involved with working in the medical field, they were very busy and found it hard to watch Jonah all the time. They hired a nanny who watched over him since he was a small boy.

Growing up, Jonah was very quiet and didn't socialize well with others. He was brought up in a private school and didn't make any friends because he was teased often by the others. He focused on his academics and passed his classes with a perfect grade point average. He was very interested in law and ended up focusing more on the crime studies as he got to pick his electives when he had gotten older. When he graduated, he had gone to college for law.

First aspiring to be a lawyer, there was lots of tension within his household. With constantly studying, having a lack of social life and listening to his parents constantly argue, he found it very hard to relax and be able to enjoy himself. He took lots of midnight walks often to let go of the steam. He got angry very easily and was always afraid of himself, fearing he would hurt himself or others.

This is when he had come across his first crime scene. He had seen two dead women who were on the ground in a puddle of blood, and ask he called the police, they arrived and asked him what had happened. He had no idea, of course, but as he took a closer look at the bodies, he noticed small details that the police had been looking over, finding it a bit easier to solve the case.

Pointing these things out, the police had realized that he could become of excellent use to the law enforcement. Later that week when he was asked to give descriptions, he gave such vivid details that people were amazed he had remembered all of this. It was then discovered just how able is eidetic memory was.

Dropping out of law school, he decided to join the law enforcement to become a private detective. He would help the police watch over crimes, observing small details or following around others to see what he could find out. His deduction skills were very reasoning and at times, incredibly accurate, so they found that it was the perfect position for him.

Nickname: Mary
Contact Information: PM or Skype
Other Characters: Demorytor, The Pariah, Siren, The Mistress, Rory Williams, and Irene Adler XDDD
Source: I own it lmao

Roleplay Sample: no


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