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The Brigand

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The Brigand Empty The Brigand

Post by The Brigand on Mon Dec 30, 2013 9:50 pm

The Brigand Tumblr_lqemz2o6s31qd8nujo1_500
“You smell that? It's your fear.”

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Full Name: Daroon Don
Aliases: David Linch, The Brigant
Age: Ancient. Turned at the age of 34
Occupation: London Coven leader and one time Time Traveler
Species: Kaled turned Vampire
Face Claim: Colin Farrel

The Brigand Tumblr_myfmr04yTM1rl3yf0o1_500

Sexual Preference: Hetrosexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: London, England
Daroon is a troubled soul, once being just a soldier, fighting only because his people were at war. Over time he became hardened but still had just as much of a conscience as the next man however after his betrayal by Davros and his endless torture by the Time Lords all he had left was anger and vengeance even before his transformation.

Once Daroon was turned in a vampire and became The Brigand all shred of decency left the man. He embraced his new powers and used them only to kill and feed. Millennia of being buried alive hasn't helped matters worse, only making him even more dangerous and powerful due to his advanced age. His only wish now is to destroy all remaining Time Lords and restore the vampires to their former glory.

The Brigand Tumblr_ly48jgMe191qd8nujo1_500

The Brigand Tumblr_myfn9pWZF61rl3yf0o1_500

Parents: Kadir Don - Father [deceased], Laidor Don - Mother [deceased]
Siblings: None
Important Figures: Davros - Captor [deceased], King Vampire - Maker [deceased]
Home Town/Planet: Skaro
Daroon was a soldier during the last years of the thousand year war. For over a decade he fought out on the front lines against the Thal and lost a lot of people close to him, including his parents. In truth Daroon began to lose hope that there was any chance of winning the war until he was offered the chance to get revenge on Thal by a cripple named Davros. Of course Daroon was unaware at the time the this would result in the Daleks until it was too late However before he was experimented on fate had intervened and the inside of a TARDIS materialized around him and he was taken to a time very distant in the past.

For years Daroon was the subject of painful surgery due to a misunderstanding, the Time Lord that abducted him believed him to be a Dalek which during this time the Time Lords had not encountered yet. This was the time of the Time Lord-Vampire War and the Time Lords were desperate for a weapon against them, looking towards the future and hearing of the Daleks and so for years Daroon was studied as he was mistaken for one of the creatures his race would become.

For years this agony continued until he was rescued by an unlikely source. The king vampire and other great vampires arrived on the planet he was being studied on after hearing about this new weapon of the Time Lords with the intent of destroying it. However when the they found out that this weapon was nothing more than a humanoid the king vampire itself turned Daroon in the hopes that his anger towards the Time Lords would turn in into a weapon of theirs and for centuries Daroon slaughtered as many of they're kind as he could find, eventually taking the name The Brigand as a mockery to the Time Lords and their custom of taking a title as a name.

Eventually the Time Lords won the war and The Brigand was imprisoned half a mile under an unknown planets surface while the king vampire fled to E-Space. For millennia The Brigand was encased in the planet, asleep until he felt his maker die and he was finally awakened. The only reason he survived was due to his maker being in a different dimension and thus the bond between them was severely weakened. The king vampires death shook The Brigand to the core and he awoke, clawing his way to the surface to discover that he was entombed beneath a planet called earth.

The Brigand Tumblr_myfnlbeY5p1rl3yf0o1_500

Nickname: Harpo or Harps if you prefer
Contact Information: PM for now
Other Characters: None right now
Source: Advertisement on The Adventure of the Blue Box
The Brigand
The Brigand

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The Brigand Empty Re: The Brigand

Post by Demorytor on Mon Dec 30, 2013 10:57 pm

Awesome! I really like this character! All righty then, Approved!

Please make yourself welcome and add yourself to the Face Claim List as well as the Who's Who! Enjoy!

"Will I ever see you again? Or will you only amount to the stories in my head?"
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