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Post by The Eleventh Doctor on Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:22 pm

I'll just put these in the chronological order of when they were first posted...

The Statues are Moving
Status: Open//Pending
Participants: Rory Williams
Summary: The Doctor goes out to find Rory and Amy. He gets to Rory just in time, as the Angels are closing in on him. They set out to find Amelia, but will they get there in time?

Whispers of Winter
Status: Pending
Participants: Siren
Summary: The Doctor finds his long lost love in a very unlikely situation. They are both faced with the Whisper Men, who are out for the Timelords, and he ends up being forgiven for the action he has regretted almost as much as destroying Gallifrey.

The Angry "House"
Status: Open
Participants: Ben Cross, Siren
Summary: The Doctor tracks down Demory(Siren) and get stuck once more on House, the asteroid that loves Timelords a little too much. The two are stuck there with another Timelord, Ben Cross, and must find a way to escape before it's too late.

The Bad Touch
Status: Open
Participants: Siren
Summary: Well, if you read the title and listen to the song it's referring to, I don't think I really have to explain what's happening...

What is his Name?
Status: Open
Participants: Madame Verada, Siren
Summary: Madame Verada and her friendly little Silents feel the need to torture Siren into giving information on the Doctor's activities as well as his name. Said Doctor swaggers in, but that doesn't automatically mean that he'll succeed in saving his Demory from the Silence.

Defiled Conception
Status: Open
Participants: The Shepherd, Siren
Summary: The Doctor and the Shepherd have to stop Siren from doing something incredibly stupid: killing Shepherd's father before he's born. The Doctor and Siren also have to come to terms with the fact the Shepherd is not both their child, only Siren's. Can the Doctor deal with the jealousy? Will Siren end up killing the man after all? And finally, will the two find out who the fater really is? Stay tuned for more! xD


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