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Post by Siren on Sun Dec 29, 2013 1:21 pm

Visit in Venice
Status: CLOSED
Participants: Siren, River Song
River Song pleads Siren to help her with a final task in saying goodbye to the Doctor, and asks her to please seek him out to show him he is loved. Siren hesitantly accepts.

Whispers of Winter
Participants: Siren, The Eleventh Doctor
Siren has been anonymously invited to a masquerade party, but finds herself stopped by The Doctor. Trying to evade him, she runs into Whispermen, and the two are forced to work together. Old feelings come back and soon enough she finds herself entangled by his love once more.

The Bad Touch Contains Sexual Content
Status: OPEN
Participants: Siren, The Eleventh Doctor
Siren and The Doctor are both enamored by each other's new bodies... do I need to say more?

Status: OPEN
Siren decides to cook a Christmas dinner for everyone to come around to!

The Angry House
Status: OPEN
Participants: Siren, Ben Cross, The Eleventh Doctor
Siren gets a strange knock at her door and it is a psychic cube! She decides to find where it came from and ends up on an asteroid that stole the soul of her TARDIS.

Two Shadows
Status: OPEN
Participants: Siren and Amadeus 
Siren visits an old planet her and The Doctor used to go to a lot in their previous forms and finds that Vashta Nerada has completely engulfed the glass city. She then finds that Amadeus is behind it and he then finds out of her survival and wishes to control her once more.

What Is His Name?
Status: OPEN
Participants: Siren, Madame Verada, The Eleventh Doctor
Siren is captured by the Silence and is tortured for information. Still refusing to say a word, The Doctor quickly enters in an attempt to save her.

Defiled Conception
Status: OPEN
Participants: Siren, The Shepherd, Possibly Eleventh Doctor
Siren finds out that her son is not related to The Doctor and attempts to stop the conception from happening, but then soon decides she has to find The Doctor on Trenzalore as The Shepherd tries to stop her.

Status: Closed
Participants: Siren, Amadeus
Siren is being tortured because she has tried to escape from Amadeus, and things get bad, fast.

Our Songs Are Ending
Status: CLOSED
Participants: Siren, The Tenth Doctor 
Siren is regenerating. The Doctor is regenerating. While Siren looks for the Eleventh Doctor and the Tenth looks for the Pariah, the two find each other instead and they say goodbye to one another.

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