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The Shepherd

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The Shepherd

Post by The Shepherd on Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:22 pm

“Sometimes I wanted to cry when the people on TV were not quite the way we were... somehow I guess I just knew.”

Full Name: Doryntor
Aliases: The Shepherd, Dory, Doryn
Age: 92
Occupation: Time Traveler
Species: Gallifreyan
Face Claim: Ryan Gosling

Sexual Preference: Pansexual
Marital Status: Single
Current Residence: None
Personality: For the most part, The Shepherd is very stoic and handles situations in a calm manner. He doesn't want to show any emotion because he is always afraid that the enemy is always watching. He is very protective and caring toward the people who are dear to him, especially his mother, who he would give his life for. He can be rather stubborn and keeps secrets to protect people. He shows multiple traits that he inherits both from Demory and the Doctor. He can be eccentric when involved with something he enjoys and is afraid of attachment because he is afraid of loss.

Although it is unclear who is father is, he is aware that his other is very fond of The Doctor and treats him with such respect as a son would. He has no ambition to find out who is father is, nor does he care how he even came about in the first place. He simply wishes to go his own way and become his own individual.

Parents: Demorytor (mother) and unknown father
Siblings: none
Important Figures: The Pariah, Siren, The Mistress
Home Town/Planet: Born on Earth
History: The Shepherd was born to Demorytor's third form, Siren and an unknown father. Rumors speculate it could have been the Doctor, but whether his conception was after the Doctor set out for Trenzalore or not, no one is sure. Siren does not talk of it, but also has not given word of ever meeting anyone else. Either way, there is no proof that The Shepherd is actually full Gallifreyan. After his birth, Siren took care of him for the most part, as well as by members of Torchwood.

Until he was old enough to time travel, he picked up his own Vortex Manipulator and set off to see the world without a goodbye. No one had really seen him since then. For the most part he kept to himself, he spent most of his time searching for other Gallifreyans. His goal at the moment is meeting up with his mother at some point, in all of her forms, to protect her from oncoming danger. He also is in search of Gallifrey, hoping that it will be restored.

Nickname: Ren
Contact Information: PM
Other Characters: Madame Verada
Source: Mary Smile

Roleplay Sample: naw....
The Shepherd
The Shepherd

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Re: The Shepherd

Post by Siren on Sat Dec 28, 2013 1:23 pm

"You.... you're my what?..."

OOC: Accepted! Oh goodness this is going to be fun XD alright, please direct yourself to the face claims and who's who Smile

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